16th June, 2016



PICTURE: Dolgova Irina/www.freeimages.com

Surrounded, overwhelmed, flooded


Everywhere, everyone

None untouched

I hear it in your voice

See it in your eyes

I watch you withdraw, protect yourself

I note your desperation

I hear your words, your story

Never good enough

Always wanting

Always incomplete

Looking for more,

Longing for more

My heart is heavy with your pain,

With my pain, with our pain

And then I see it

Amongst the long grass

A lone dandelion

A Father Christmas

And I raise it to my lips

And with a puff of breath

It floats. On invisible stream of air

Up, up, up

Free, weightless,

And I hear your voice

I hear a quiet voice. And I wonder, and I ponder


I see your dusty feet

Your torn clothes

Your worn clothes

I note your calloused hands, hands that dig, cut, pound

Hands of work

I see your weary eyes

Eyes that know pain,

That know hunger

I see the child on your lap

Swollen belly

Patchy hair

The stench of poverty sticks in my nostrils

And then I see the lake

I stand beside it

Vast, so vast

Seemingly endless

So wide, so long

And I hear your gentle whisper

Your quiet voice in my ear

A still small voice

And I wonder, and I ponder

Your vastness, your greatness, your everlasting love

I watch your rushing,

Tearing through today, tomorrow, life


Without rest

So much to do, so much to be done,

So many expectations

So much weight, heaviness,

Tiredness never ending

No end to what must be done

Pace frenetic

And then I see a child

An innocent one

 Playing, chuckling, eyes wide shining

Joyous, carefree

And I hear your voice,

That still quiet voice

And I wonder, and I ponder

Joy unending, innocence, and wonderment

Oh to grasp you

The fullness of you

The joy of you

Your freedom, your greatness, your joy

My freedom, my peace, my joy

To see you fully

To know you fully,

Nothing compares

Nothing comes close

Made complete in you

No more tears, no more tiredness, no more poverty

Nothing else, no-one else satisfies

How can I comprehend that which is incomprehensible?

I have only ever known in part

Lived in the shadow of fear, pain, poverty, restlessness

How do I grasp what you offer?

I accept it in the moment

In the dandelion, the lake, the child

I take into my heart, my life, your revelation

And I hold on

Knowing there is more than I can see, grasp, or even imagine

Accepting my glimpse, fed by it, nourished by it but longing for your fullness,

For you. Evermore.

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