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     20th May, 2016

    Amphitheatre at Nimes by BOB ZANKER


     13th May, 2016

    Animal life in Norway by JAY RUZESKY/UnSplash


     29th April, 2016

    Venetian quayside by DAVID ADAMS


     17th April, 2016

      By TIM MARSHALL/Unsplash.


      11th April, 2016

      A supermassive black hole at the core of a galaxy. In this computer simulated image, the black region in the center represents the black hole’s event horizon, where no light can escape the massive object’s gravitational grip. The black hole’s powerful gravity distorts space around it like a funhouse mirror. Light from background stars is stretched and smeared as the stars skim by the black hole. PICTURE: NASA, ESA, and D Coe, J Anderson, and R van der Marel (STScI).



      27th March, 2016

      Sunrise off Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia, by BOB ZANKER


      21st March, 2016




      28th February, 2016

      God's Pleasure by BOB ZANKER


      29th November, 2015

      Once a House of God by BOB ZANKER



      1st November, 2015

      The Impermanence of Man's Work by BOB ZANKER



    23rd October, 2015

    Agincourt by DAVID ADAMS

   The 25th October marks 600 years since the bloody slaughter of the Battle of Agincourt when English and French forces clashed in a decisive encounter in the Hundred Years War. The site is now marked by a memorial stone but I was struck by the sight of this seemingly innocuous field where so many died so long ago.


    18th October, 2015

    Lazy Day by DAVID ADAMS

    Taken in Thailand


      18th September, 2015

      Cross by BOB ZANKER



      31st July, 2015

      Warming comfort by BOB ZANKER


    12th July, 2015

    Cliffs of Moher, west coast of Ireland by DAVID ADAMS


    21st June, 2015

    Rue Ste Catherine, Bordeaux, France by BOB ZANKER


     29th May, 2015

    Man's creativeness by BOB ZANKER

    The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, US.

    Correction: This was originally mistakenly captioned at the Guggenheim Museum in Spain.


     24th April, 2015

    The smoke plume from the Calbuco Volcano. Taken by JEFF SCHMALTZ (LANCE/EOSDIS Rapid Response at   NASA Goddard)

    The volcano in southern Chile erupted for the first time since 1972 on 22nd April, 2015, creating an ash cloud at least 15 kilometres high and menacing nearby communities.


     28th February, 2015

    Cruise Ship by DAVID ADAMS

    Taken with an iPhone at the waterfront in Geelong, Victoria, Australia


    21st February, 2015

    Well aged by BOB ZANKER


    13th February, 2015

    Friday fare by BOB ZANKER


    9th December, 2014

    "The fields are white for harvest" by TONY KERRIGAN

    The words of Jesus, quoted from John 4:35.


    7th November, 2014

    The heavens declare the glory of the Lord! by TONY KERRIGAN

    Sunset taken over Curlewis from Drysdale on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.


    20th October, 2014

    Men taking the strain in old Warsaw by TONY KERRIGAN

    Taken on the 25th anniversary of Polish democracy in June, 2014.


    22nd June, 2014

    Balloons over Melbourne by DAVID ADAMS

    Taken on a spectacular dawn flight over the Victorian capital. 


     1st June, 2014

     The Grottoes by BOB ZANKER


Global Selfie

     24th May, 2014

     Global Selfie by NASA

      Created to mark World Earth Day, this image is made up for 36,422 individual photos that were posted on social media and tagged #globalselfie on or around April 22, 2014. People on every continent – 113 countries and regions – posted selfies and the image was assembled after weeks of curating more than 50,000 submissions. The result is a zoomable 3.2-gigapixel image that people can scan and explore to take a closer look at the variety of pictures. The mosaic is hosted on the Web by GigaPan. You can see it in higher detail here.


Mysore Palace

     10th May, 2014

     Mysore Palace by DAVID ADAMS

     "The illuminated splendour of the royal palace at Mysore in southern India. The palace was completed in 1912."


     25th April, 2014

     Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux by DAVID ADAMS

     "We visited the memorial during a trip in the history of World War I hung heavy in the air. A very moving      



     20th December, 2013

     And God created music by BOB ZANKER

    "Bringing joy to all (Fats Domino, Al Hirt & Pete Fountain)"


Raaf's Beach

     26th July, 2013

     Cold winter's morning at RAAFS Beach, Ocean Grove, by VANESSA SMITH

     "This photo came to be on a cold winter's morning at RAAFS beach in Ocean Grove. As I like to take photos I am    often taking photos of everything but my own children. So on this particular morning I thought I would pack up the kids to the beach and do a little 'photo shoot' of them rugged up down the beach. When we got there it was freezing cold and the kids were running around happily for a while and I snapped a few nice shots of them but this was quickly interrupted but my youngest, terrified of the wind and waves. So after a whole 10 minutes there we packed up and headed off but just as I was leaving up the stairs I turned around and grabbed a quick snap shot looking back up the beach and this is what I came out with. We live in a beautiful place no matter what the weather and we are truly blessed."



      23rd June, 2013

      Untitled by BOB ZANKER


Carreg Cennan Castle

      2nd June, 2013

      Carreg Cennen Castle, western edge of the Brecon Beacons, Wales, by DAVID ADAMS


Roman Civilisation

      19th April, 2013

      Roman Civilisation (Pont du Gard), France, by BOB ZANKER

28th March, 2013

Love Easter, by ANN WOJCZUK. To read the blog which accompanies this image, click here...











      13th March, 2013

      Sunset off St Malo, France, by DAVID ADAMS. Copyright David Adams.


      26th February, 2013

      Lake Matheson, South Island, New Zealand (near Fox Glacier), by NELL POTTER. Image copyright Nell Potter.


      9th February, 2013

      Lady Liberty, NYC, by DAVID ADAMS.


      18th January, 2012

      Some of the 12 Apostles, western Victoria, Australia, by DAVID ADAMS.



      8th July, 2012

      The Australian Outback, by COL STRINGER (Col Stringer Ministries)


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