8th July, 2016

Percentage of people in 18 nations who believe the election of US President Barack Obama (about the finish his second term) was a "good thing": More than 70 per cent
Source: Globescan poll for the BBC

7th July, 2016

Number of people worldwide projected to be food secure as a result of El Niño: 60 million
Source: FAO

6th July, 2016

Number of people shot in the US city of Chicago over the Independence Day weekend, 2016: At least 64 (including four fatally wounded)
Source: USAToday

5th July, 2016

Percentage of newly arrived migrants and refugees who agreed Australia was a "land of opportunity where if you work hard you will have a better life": 84 per cent
Source: AMES Australia survey

4th July, 2016

Distance of Jupiter (where NASA's Juno spacecraft is about to arrive) from the Sun: Approximately 779 million kilometres
Source: NASA

1st July, 2016

Number of candidates standing in Australia's federal election: 1,625 (compared to 1,717 in 2013)
Source: Australian Electoral Commission

30th June, 2016

Number of Australians enrolled to vote in the 2016 federal election: 15,676,659
Source: Australian Electoral Commission

29th June, 2016

Percentage of US adults who say abortion should be legal/illegal in all or most cases: 56 per cent/41 per cent
Source: Pew Research

28th June, 2016

Global number of children who will die from mostly preventable causes by 2030 if current trends continue: 69 million
Source: UNICEF

27th June, 2016

Age-adjusted suicide rate among Indigenous people of the Kimberley region of Western Australia (among the highest in the world), 2005-2014: 74 per 100,000 a year
Source: Medical Journal of Australia

24th June, 2016

Proportion of the world's 259 million widows who live in poverty: Almost half
Source: UN

23rd June, 2016

Number of the world's top 36 "water-stressed" countries that are in the Caribbean: Seven
Source: FAO

22nd June, 2016

Percentage of migrants aged 15 to 64 years who have a non-school qualification, such as a university degree, in Australia in 2015 compared with people born in Australia: 73 per cent/58 per cent
Source: ABS

21st June, 2016

Proportion of total income earned by the top 20 per cent of households in Australia and the lowest 20 per cent: 49 per cent/4 per cent
Source: McCrindle

20th June, 2016

Number of doses of yellow fever vaccine distributed in Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda so far this year to tackle outbreaks: Almost 18 million (sparking fears over the capacity of global stockpiles)
Source: WHO

17th June, 2016

Percentage of US adults who obtain their news from a social media 'often': 18 per cent
Source: Pew Research Center

16th June, 2016

Number of pregnant women in Colombia who have the Zika virus: 12,000
Source: Preliminary report in The New England Journal of Medicine

15th June, 2016

Number of refugees anticipated to require resettlement in 2017: 1.19 million
Source: UNHCR

14th June, 2016

Number of charity workers who attended a lunch celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday in The Mall, London, on Sunday, 12th June, 2016: 10,000

10th June, 2016

Number of women in Australia with six or more children: 150,000

Source: ABS

9th June, 2016

Percentage of the EU urban population exposed to air pollution levels above World Health Organization guidelines: 95 per cent

Source: UNECE

8th June, 2016

Median proportion of people in 10 European Union states who have favorable views of the EU: 51 per cent

Source: Pew Research

7th June, 2016

Number of verified cases of recruitment and use of children by armed groups in Yemen following the escalation of fighting in late 2014: 762 (a fivefold increase on previous totals)

Source: UN

6th June, 2016

Number of countries where Zika virus is being transmitted by mosquitos (as of 28th May, 2016): Almost 60

Source: WHO

3rd June, 2016

Percentage of social media users in Australia who use it to show support for a cause: 39 per cent


2nd June, 2016

Number of children estimated to be trapped in the Islamic State stronghold of Fallujah, which Iraqi forces are poised to assault: 20,000

Source: UNICEF

1st June, 2016

Proportion of hospital emergency department presentations in Australia and New Zealand which are alcohol-related: 1 in 12

Source: St Vincent's Health Australia Restoring the Balance report

31st May, 2016

Number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island school students in Australia in 2015 (a record high, up almost 50 per cent on 2005 figure): 200,563

Source: ABS

30th May, 2016

Amount of coral in central and northern sections of the Great Barrier Reef which has been killed by coral bleaching: 35 per cent

Source: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

27th May, 2016

Proportion of Americans aged 18 to 34-years-old living with parents (the most common living arrangement among young adults in the US for the first time on record): 32.1 per cent

Source:  Pew Research Center

26th May, 2016

Possible number of additional deaths between 2008-2010 caused by cancer due to the impact of the global financial crisis: More than 500,000

Source:  Imperial College London study (as reported by ABC)

25th May, 2016

Number of people displaced after a severe storm in Sri Lanka in mid-May: More than 230,000

Source:  UNOCHA

24th May, 2016

Estimated number of annual abortions worldwide, 2010-2014: 56.3 million

Source:  The Lancet

23rd May, 2016

Amount made by people smugglers trafficking about a million people into Europe in 2015: $US5-6 billion

Source:  Joint Interpol/Europol report

20th May, 2016

Years the average Briton will spend watching TV over their lifetime: 8.8

Source:  Freeview UK survey

19th May, 2016

Percentage of people worldwide who say they would welcome refugees fleeing danger into their own countries: 80 per cent

Source:  Amnesty International

18th May, 2016

Estimated number of stateless people in the world: At least 10 million

Source:  UNHCR

17th May, 2016

Increase in risk of coastal flooding in Indonesia if current urbanisation trends continue over the next 30 years: 455 per cent

Source: The Making of a Riskier Future: World Bank

16th May, 2016

Number of "serves" of vegetables consumed daily by Australians aged over eight-years-old (as compared to the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines): 2.7 compared to 5

Source: ABS

13th May, 2016

Percentage of people living in urban environments where air pollution is monitored that are exposed to poor air quality levels: More than 80 per cent

Source: WHO

12th May, 2016

Percentage of Australians aged 14 and over who rate nursing as the most ethical and honest profession: 92 per cent

Source: Roy Morgan

11th May, 2016

Number of new planets discovered outside our solar system by the Kepler telescope: 1,284

Source: NASA

10th May, 2016

Number of plant species known to science: 390,900

Source: State of the World's Plants, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

9th May, 2016

Number of unaccompanied refugee and migrant children who applied for asylum in Europe in 2015: More than 95,000

Source: UNICEF

6th May, 2016

Number of maternal deaths per 1,000 lives births in Sierra Leone/Australia, 2015: 1,360/six

Source: Trends in Maternal Mortality: 1990-2015

5th May, 2016

Number of children, aged three to 18-years-old, living in 35 crisis-affected countries who are in "desperate need" of educational support: 75 million

Source: ODI

4th May, 2016

Number of people to take part in the Olympic torch relay in Brazil: About 12,000

Source: Rio2016

3rd May, 2016

Proportion of Australians aged 65 and older who live with a disability in 2015 compared with those aged under 65: 50.7 per cent/12.5 per cent

Source: ABS

2nd May, 2016

Number of houses and other buildings in danger of collapsing in south-western Japan following powerful earthquakes last month: More than 12,000

Source: Japanese Government

29th April, 2016

Proportion of people in Pakistan and Turkey who believe the country's laws should "strictly follow" the Quran: 78 per cent/13 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

28th April, 2016

Number of guns destroyed under a Federal Government buy-back scheme in the 18 months following the massacre at Port Arthur: Almost 650,000

Source: Mercury

27th April, 2016

Proportion of Australian adults who believe the country "should distance itself" from the US if Donald Trump is elected president: 45 per cent

Source: Lowy Institute poll

26th April, 2016

Proportion of children in Australia who spend more than two hours a day using technology outside of school hours:

56 per cent

Source: Behind the News poll

22nd April, 2016

Estimated number of infants around the world still missing routine immunisations for preventable diseases such as diptheria, pertussis and tetanus: 18.7 million

Source: WHO

21st April, 2016

Amount card fraud cost Australians in 2014-15: $2.1 billion (more than double $1 billion of 2010-11)

Source: ABS

20th April, 2016

Number of schools forced to close in Afghanistan in 2015 due to conflict-related violence: 369

Source: UNAMA/UNICEF report

19th April, 2016

Number of non-for-profit organisations in Australia: 1 for every 422 people

Source: JBWere The Cause Report

18th April, 2016

Proportion of legal aid family law cases in Australia which involved domestic violence, 2014-15: 79 per cent

Source: National Legal Aid audit

15th April, 2016

Percentage of "highly religious" Americans who describe themselves as "very happy" compared with those who do so who are less religious: 40 per cent/29 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

14th April, 2016

Value of Australia's "natural capital" or environmental assets, as of 30th June, 2015: $5,836 billion

Source: ABS

13th April, 2016

Estimated value of a 'lost' painting by Italian master Caravaggio which was found in a French attic two years ago: $178 million

Source: SMH

12th April, 2016

Number of countries which restrict a woman's ability to wear religious symbols or attire or require women to wear particular attire: 50 of 198 countries or territories

Source: Pew Research Centre

11th April, 2016

Number of tigers in the wild (the first time the number has risen in more than 100 years): 3,890

Source: World Wildlife Fund

8th April, 2016

Multiple by which the incarceration rate of Indigenous Australians is higher than non-Indigenous Australians: At least 16 times

Source: Australian Bar Association

7th April, 2016

Number of adults worldwide with diabetes, 1980 and 2014: 108 million/422 million

Source: WHO

6th April, 2016

Number of internet subscribers in Australia, end of December, 2015: 12.9 million

Source: ABS

5th April, 2016

Proportion of world's population with autism: About 1 in 68 people

Source: World Autism Awareness Day

4th April, 2016

Number of documents - known as the Panama Papers - released in data leak related to the use of tax havens around the world: More than 11 million

Source: ABC

1st April, 2016

Estimated number of people who were obese and who were underweight, globally, 2014: 641 million/462 million

Source: Lancet

31st March, 2016

Percentage of Australians who in 2011 said they believe in God, defined as "Creator of the universe, the supreme being": 55 per cent

Source: 'Faith, Belief and Churchgoing in Australia', McCrindle

30th March, 2016

Number of children killed or injured on average every day in Yemen in the past year: Six

Source: UNICEF

29th March, 2016

Proportion of working Australians aged 45 or older who intend retiring at the age of 65 or older: 71 per cent

Source: ABS

24th March, 2016

Number of countries and territories in which the Zika virus has been reported (as of 22nd March, 2016): 38

Source: WHO

23rd March, 2016

Number of people globally who face "appalling and dehumanising discrimination" based on caste or similar systems of inherited status: At least 250 million

Source: UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues

22nd March, 2016

Number of Russians living below the country's poverty threshold of $US139 a month at the end of 2015: 19.2 million (highest level since 2006)

Source: The Guardian

21st March, 2016

Amount of chocolate consumed by the average Australian each year: 2.5 kilograms

Source: ABS

18th March, 2016

Percentage of registered voters in the US who describe themselves as 'born-again or evangelical' Christians: 36 per cent

Source: Pew Research

17th March, 2016

Cost annually of detaining Indigenous children in Australia: $236 million

Source: Save The Children via The Age

16th March, 2016

Global number of people who die, annually, due to living or working in an unhealthy environment: Estimated 12.6 million

Source: WHO

15th March, 2016

Number of Mauritanians currently facing food insecurity: More than 450,000

Source: WFP

11th March, 2016

Number of countries currently in need of external food assistance due to drought: 34 (27 in Africa)

Source: FAO

10th March, 2016

Number of people still listed as missing in the wake of the 9.0 earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima power plant in north-east Japan on 11th March, 2011: 2,572

Source: Science Magazine

9th March, 2016

Estimated updated cost of damages in Fiji following Cyclone Winston as of 8th March, 2016: $FJ476.3 million

Source: FijiOne TV

8th March, 2016

Number of women above retirement age without any regular pension, global: 200 million

Source: ILO report

7th March, 2016

Estimated increase in the poaching of rhinos in South Africa between 2007 and 2014: As much as 8,000 per cent

Source: CITES

4th March, 2016

Percentage of Australian men and women involved in volunteering, 2014 compared to 2010:

Men (29 per cent, down from 34 per cent)

Women (33 per cent down from 38 per cent)

Source: ABS

3rd March, 2016

Number of girls around the world aged between the age of six and 11 who will never start school: Almost 16 million

Source: UNESCO

2nd March, 2016

Number of days NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko spent on the International Space Station (a record spaceflight): 340 days

Source: NASA

1st March, 2016

US audience for the 88th Academy Awards: 34.3 million (lowest since 2008)

Source: USA Today

29th February, 2016

Estimated number of Australians regularly using methamphetamines, 2013-14: 268,000

Source: Research in Medical Journal of Australia

26th February, 2016

Number of billionaires (US dollars) in China (the most of any country): 568

Source: Hurun Global Rich List 2016

25th February, 2016

Proportion of Australian young people who go to school or to bed hungry at least sometimes: 1 in 5

Source: Flinders University research

24th February, 2016

Estimated amount netted by people-smuggling groups in 2015: Up to €6 billion (mostly from the traffic of migrants into Europe)

Source: Europol

23rd February, 2016

Half year loss posted by mining giant BHP Billiton on 23rd February - first in 16 years: $US5.67 billion

Source: ASX

22nd February, 2016

Number of people conferred Australian citizenship in 2014-15: 136,572

Source: Department of Immigration and Border Protection Annual Report

19th February, 2016

Number of US presidents who had no formal religious affiliation: 2 (Lincoln and Jefferson)

Source: Pew Research

18th February, 2016

Number of Australian households with internet (2014-15): 7.7 million (86 per cent)

Source: ABS

17th February, 2016

Number of children diagnosed with cancer each year, globally: More than 150,000

Source: WHO

16th February, 2016

Australia's population at approximately 12.40am on 16th February, 2016: 24 million

Source: ABS

15th February, 2016

Street value of liquid amphetamine - ice - seized in Australian law enforcement operation, announced on 15th February, 2016: $1.26 billion

Source: Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan

12th February, 2016

Percentage of Australians who plan on doing "something special" for Valentine's Day: 28 per cent

Source: Canstar Blue survey

11th February, 2016

Number of "unprovoked" shark attacks, worldwide, in 2015: 98 (the highest on record)

Source: International Shark Attack File

10th February, 2016

Life expectancy at birth of indigenous Australia males and non-Indigenous Australian males (2010-12): 69.1/79.7 years

Source: Closing the Gap report 2015

9th February, 2016

Number of children who face death from malnutrition in Somalia if they are not treated: Estimated 58,300

Source: UN food and security assessment

8th February, 2016

Number of people globally expected to watch Super Bowl 50 taking place in San Francisco: Estimated 190 million

5th February, 2016

Number of women and girls living today who have undergone genital mutilation: 200 million

Source: UNICEF

4th February, 2016

Proportion of Australian school students attending non-government schools: 34.8 per cent

Source: ABS

3rd February, 2016

Proportion of migrants and refugees making the sea crossing between Turkey and Greece who are children:

At least 36 per cent

Source: UNICEF

2nd February, 2016

Median personal income for Australians lodging tax returns in 2012-13: $44,940

Source: ABS

1st February, 2016

Number of people with leprosy, worldwide - 1985/2013: 5.2 million/180,618

Source: WHO

29th January, 2016

Percentage of Americans who say they would be 'less likely' to vote for a presidential candidate who doesn't believe in God: 51 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

28th January, 2016

Number of countries in South and Central America to which the Zika virus has spread: 21

Source: BBC

27th January, 2016

Number of iPhones sold worldwide in quarter to 26th December, 2015 (compared to same quarter in previous year):


Source: Apple

25th January, 2016

Number of people who have drowned in Australian waterways in since the start of December, 2015: 59 (16 per cent increase on last year)

Source: Royal Life Saving Society – Australia

22nd January, 2016

Average number of sick days taken by Australian employees: 8.6

Source: Clipp via

21st January, 2016

Number of years since 2001 which have been among the warmest on record: 15 of 16 years


20th January, 2016

Number of civilians killed in Iraq between January, 2014, and October, 2015: 18,802

Source: UNAMI

19th January, 2016

Percentage of unarmed men fatally shot by police in US in 2015 who were black: 40 per cent

Source: Washington Post

18th January, 2016

Number of people in permanent residential care in Australia: 231,555

Source: Australian Government 2014-15 Report on the Operation of the Aged Care Act 1997

15th January, 2016

Number of page views of the top article in English on Wikipedia - 'List of deaths by year' - in 2015: 20,764,610

Source: Pew Research

14th January, 2016

Proportion of children of primary or lower secondary school age not attending school in South Sudan due to conflict: 51 per cent

Source: UNICEF

13th January, 2016

Average length of time asylum seekers have spent in Australian immigration detention as of November, 2015: 446 days

Source: Department of Immigration and Border Protection

12th January, 2016

Proportion of Australian renters who say they are "forced" to rent homes: 70 per cent

Source: The Optus Renter of the Future Report

11th January, 2016

Cost to the Australian economy of serious and organised crime, annually: $36 billion

Source: Australian Crime Commission

31st December, 2015

Size of the kangaroo product market in California (which is again banning the sale and import of such products from 1st January): About $200 million

Source: Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia via ABC

29th December, 2015

Number of times the film Interstellar was illegally downloaded during 2015: 46,762,310

Source: Excipio via Variety

28th December, 2015

Estimated amount spent in Australia on Boxing Day: $2.5 billion

Source: Australian Retailers Association

24th December, 2015

Number of yachts to have completed the Sydney to Hobart yacht race over its 70 year history (prior to this year's race): 4,735

Source: Rolex Sydney to Hobart

23rd December, 2015

Proportion of the million refugees and migrants who arrived in Europe this year who have come from Syria: About half

Source: UNHCR

22nd December, 2015

Number of people displaced from their homes in Yemen due to the ongoing conflict: 2.5 million

Source: Task Force on Population Movement

21st December, 2015

Number of centenarians (people aged 100 or more) in Australia (as of 30th June, 2015): 4,400

Source: ABS

18th December, 2015

Percentage of American adults who consider themselves "gamers": 10 per cent

Source: Pew Research

17th December, 2015

Estimated amount the so-called Islamic State has made from trading oil: More than $500 million

Source: US Treasury official via CNBC

16th December, 2015

Estimated number of children forcibly recruited by armed groups in South Sudan in the country's two year conflict:


Source: UN

15th December, 2015

Proportion of the 7,400 daily newborn deaths in South-East Asia which can be saved by adopting "proven and cost effective" measures, according to the World Health Organization: Two thirds

Source: WHO

14th December, 2015

Number of animals killed every hour on Tasmanian roads, on average: 32


11th December, 2015

Number of countries in which arms used by the so-called Islamic State (IS) were manufactured: At least 25

Source: Amnesty International

10th December, 2015

Proportion of Australian adults who smoke, 2001 compared to 2014-2015: 22 per cent to 14.5 per cent

Source: ABS

9th December, 2015

Percentage of Australian adults who were overweight or obese in 2014-15: 63.4 per cent

Source: ABS

8th December, 2015

Estimated worth of the contents of a Spanish galleon wreck dating from 1708 and recently found in the Caribbean Sea: Up to $US2.7 billion

Source: 9news

7th December, 2015

Estimated amount of the earth's soils that are degraded: 33 per cent

Source: FAO

4th December, 2015

Combined income of Australia's charity sector: $103 billion

Source: ACNC

3rd December, 2015

Number of Yemenis who now lack access to health care services thanks to the country's ongoing conflict: 15.2 million

Source: WHO

2nd December, 2015

Number of Iraqi civilians killed in violent incidents during November: 489

Source: UN

1st December, 2015

Increase in the proportion of working aged women (15 to 64 years) in Australia with a degree between 1990 and 2015: Four-fold (from seven per cent to 29 per cent)

Source: ABS

30th November, 2015

Number of adolescents aged 15 to 19 infected with HIV worldwide every hour: 26

Source: UNICEF

27th November, 2015

Percentage of 121,197 registered marriages in Australia in 2014 in which couples had previously lived together: 79.4 per cent

Source: ABS

26th November, 2015

Number of people who were victims of domestic violence in the Northern Territory in past 12 months: 3,700

Source: ABC

25th November, 2015

Ratio at which Indigenous Australians are likely to be imprisoned than their non-Indigenous peers: 13 to 1

Source: Australian Medical Association

24th November, 2015

Direct healthcare cost of asthma to the Australian economy annually: $1.2 billion

Source: Deloitte Access Economics report The Hidden Cost of Asthma via

23rd November, 2015

Number of Mexican nationals who have entered and departed from the US between 2009-14: 870,000 (entered); 1,000,000 (departed)

Source: Pew Research

20th November, 2015

Number of passengers offloaded from flights by Counter Terrorism Unit officers in Australia for national security reasons, from July to end of October: 199 (compared to 336 for 12 months to end of June)

Source: Minister for Immigration and Border Control Peter Dutton

19th November, 2015

Number of people who survived after contracting Ebola during the recent outbreak in West Africa: More than 15,000

Source: Dr David Nabarro, UN Special Envoy on Ebola

18th November, 2015

Number of British men who have no 'close friends': 2.5 million

Source: YouGov survey for Movember via Telegraph

17th November, 2015

Number of people killed by police in the US so far in 2015: 1,000

Source: The Counted/The Guardian

16th November, 2015

Estimated number of people killed in road accidents globally each year: 1.25 million

Source: UN

13th November, 2015

Estimated number of lives saved by measles vaccinations since 2000: Estimated 17.1 million

Source: WHO

12th November, 2015

Amount spent using the Alibaba online platform on "Single's Day" (11th November) in China: $US14.3 billion

Source: Bloomberg

11th November, 2015

Number of people hanged in Pakistan since resuming executions last December: 299

Source: Reprieve and Justice Project Pakistan (JPP)

10th November, 2015

Median percentage of people from 40 different countries who see climate change as a "very serious problem": 54 per cent

Source: Pew Research

9th November, 2015

The cost of absenteeism to the Australian economy per annum in payroll and lost productivity costs: More than $32.5 billion

Source: DHS

6th November, 2015

Estimated proceeds of transnational crime related to art and cultural property annually: $US3.4-$6.3 billion

Source: UNODC

5th November, 2015

Percentage of Australians who believe the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes should be legalised: 91 per cent

Source: Roy Morgan Research

4th November, 2015

Amount paid for King Digital Entertainment, creator of gaming app Candy Crush Saga, by US computer game company Activision Blizzard: $US5.9 billion

Source:Activism Blizzard

3rd November, 2015

Number of people who have arrived in the Greek Islands by boat from Turkey in 2015: About 570,000


2nd November, 2015

Estimated number of people globally aged under 50 who are infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 (which in most cases causes "cold sores" around the mouth): More than 3.7 billion

Source: WHO

30th October, 2015

Percentage of US adults who own a smartphone: 68 per cent (from 35 per cent in 2011)

Source: Pew Research

29th October, 2015

Number of people who are still dying daily from tuberculosis (TB), despite an almost 50 per cent drop in the death rate since 1990: 4,400

Source: WHO

28th October, 2015

Proportion of 19-year-olds who fail to complete a Year 12 certificate or vocational equivalent: 26 per cent

Source: Educational Opportunity in Australia 2015, Mitchell Institute

27th October, 2015

Amount risk of colorectal cancer increases through each 50 gram portion of processed meat eaten daily: 18 per cent

Source: Study conducted by the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer

26th October, 2015

Number of male Australians who drowned in waterways between 1st July, 2014, and 30th June, 2015: 216 (80 per cent of all drowning victims)

Source: Royal Life Saving

23rd October, 2015

Number of Australians who play poker machines weekly: 1.2 million

Source: Roy Morgan Research

22nd October, 2015

Proportion of Australians who consumed sweetened drinks, 2011-12 (compared with 1995): 42 per cent (from 49 per cent)

Source: ABS

21st October, 2015

Decline in maternal deaths worldwide between 1990 and 2013: 45 per cent

Source: The World's Women 2015

20th October, 2015

Cost of running detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island between July and September, 2015: Almost $280 million

Source: SMH

19th October, 2015

Number of organ donors in Australia/Spain in 2013: 16.9/35.1 per million people

Source: ShareLife

16th October, 2015

Proportion of Australians predicted to be obese by 2025: 1 in 3

Source: Price Waterhouse Coopers report via SMH

15th October, 2015

Revised number of people killed in the 24th September disaster in Mina during the annual Muslim hajj pilgrimage:


Source: Associated Press

14th October, 2015

Estimated proportion of world adult population in the "middle class": 14 per cent

Source: Credit Suisse 'Global Wealth Report 2015'

13th October, 2015

Number of Chinese people who will die each year as a result of smoking by 2030: Two million

Source: Lancet

12th October, 2015

Estimated number of school-aged children in Australia who miss classes at school while being treated for a serious illness: 60,000

Source: Missing School

9th October, 2015

Percentage of US adults who say they have a more positive view of the Catholic Church because of Pope Francis (conducted after his recent visit): 28 per cent

Source: Pew Research

8th October, 2015

Proportion of the world's coral reefs that could be affected by bleaching by the end of the year: 38 per cent

Source: SMH

7th October, 2015

Prediction of global number of people who will be living in extreme poverty at the end of this year: 702 million (down from 902 million in 2012)

Source: World Bank

6th October, 2015

Number of asylum seekers reportedly affected by the Nauruan Government decision to open the doors of its Australian Government-funded detention centre: About 600

Source: ABC

5th October, 2015

Percentage of 20,000 Australian children who said they were worried about their future most or all of the time: 43 per cent

Source: Behind The News survey

2nd October, 2015

Percentage of US population who are foreign born: 13.9 per cent

Source: Pew Research

1st October, 2015

Unemployment rate among Australia's minerals industry professionals: 16.2 per cent

Source: AusIMM survey

30th September, 2015

Number of lightning strikes during a storm in south-east Queensland on 29th September, 2015: More than 10,000

Source: ABC

29th September, 2015

Drop in world malaria rates since 2000: 30,000

Source: Joint UN/UNICEF report - Achieving the Malaria Millennium Development Goal Target

28th September, 2015

Estimated number of "foreign fighters" in the Middle East: 30,000

Source: US Secretary of State John Kerry at a forum  on 27th September, 2015

25th September, 2015

Percentage of Chinese citizens who believe corrupt officials are a moderately or very "big problem" in China: 84 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

24th September, 2015

Growth in the population of Australia in the year to March, 2015: 316,000 (to 23.7 million)

Source: ABS

22nd September, 2015

Percentage of the world's population who don't have regular access to the internet: 57 per cent

Source: The State of Broadband report

21st September, 2015

Percentage of Australians aged 15 and over who participated in voluntary work, 2014: 31 per cent

Source: ABS

18th September, 2015

Percentage of Indians who have a favourable view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi: 87 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

17th September, 2015

Overall life satisfaction of Australians (on a 0-10 scale): 7

Source: Australian Institute of Family Studies

16th September, 2015

Average age of a pilot during the Battle of Britain: 20-years-old

Source: BBC

15th September, 2015

Length of the world's longest continental volcanic chain, recently 'found' in eastern Australia, stretching from Tasmania to Queensland: More than 2,000 kilometres

Source: Nature

14th September, 2015

Number of women in Australia aged over 65 who have osteoporosis: 22.8 per cent

Source: ABS

11th September, 2015

Percentage of Australian and New Zealand surgeons and trainees who have experienced discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment: 49 per cent

Source: Expert Advisory Group advising the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

10th September, 2015

Percentage of Syrians who oppose air strikes: 50 per cent (based on a poll of 1,365 people)

Source: ORB International for BBC

9th September, 2015

Percentage of US Catholics who say working to help the poor is an "essential" part of Catholicism: 62 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

8th September, 2015

Net annual loss of forests in Africa, 2010-2015: 2.8 million hectares

Source: FAO

7th September, 2015

Average growth in high income households in Australia, 2011-12 to 2013-14: Seven per cent to $2,037 a week

Source: ABS

4th September, 2015

New estimate of the number of  trees, globally: 3,000,000,000,000

Source: Nature

3rd September, 2015

Average gambling loss per Australian adult in 2014: $1279

Source: H2 Gambling Capital via SMH

2nd September, 2015

Number of Chinese who travelled outside China in 2014: 107 million

Source: China Tourism Academy report

1st September, 2015

Percentage of Americans who have changed religions (including between different Christian denominations): 42 per cent

Source: Pew Research

31st August, 2015

Number of people who have "disappeared" in Mexico since 2006: At least 25,000

Source: LA Times

28th August, 2015

Number of people who logged into social media site Facebook on 24th August (biggest daily total ever): More than 1 billion

Source: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

27th August, 2015

Percentage of all State Supreme Court and Appeal Court judges who are women, 2013-14: 23 per cent

Source: ABS

26th August, 2015

Proposed cost of the International Atomic Energy Agency's nuclear monitoring program in Iran in 2016: About $US10.5 million

Source: IAEA

25th August, 2015

Amount wiped off the Australian share market on 24th August, 2015 (in its worst one day drop since the global financial crisis, coming on the back of dramatic declines in China): $60 billion

Source: Nine

24th August, 2015

Percentage of Australians who were born overseas: About 28 per cent

Source: AIHW

21st August, 2015

Number of Australians who have experienced partner violence since the age of 15: Around 2,000,000 (mostly women)

Source: AIHW

20th August, 2015

Average number of children maimed or killed everyday as a result of ongoing conflict in Yemen: 8

Source: UNICEF

19th August, 2015

Percentage of population in Acton, Canberra, who were aged eight to 27 years (iGeneration) in 2014: 75.9

Source: ABS

18th August, 2015

Amount illicit, unregulated and unreported fishing is estimated to strip from the world's economy: $US10 to $US23 billion

Source: FAO

17th August, 2015

Deaths from potentially avoidable healthcare causes in European Union states in 2012 (for those aged under 75): 590,000

Source: Eurostat

14th August, 2015

Percentage of Americans who support South Carolina's decision to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds: 57 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

13th August, 2015

Number of submissions made for New Zealand's new flag design (out of which 40 have been shortlisted): 10,292

Source: New Zealand Government

12th August, 2015

Number of native plant species discovered in Western Australia (the highest of any state): 10,000 (with daisy Angianthus globuliformis the most recent)

Source: ABC

11th August, 2015

Number of civilian casualties from "complex and suicide attacks" by anti-Government elements in Afghanistan, 1st January to 7th August, 2015: 1,523 (282 deaths and 1,241 injured) - almost double that of the same period in 2014

Source: UNAMA

10th August, 2015

Number of Australian children aged four to 17 years who have a mental health disorder: One in seven

Source: Young Minds Matter survey by Telethon Kids Institute

7th August, 2015

Number of runs Australians made in the first innings of the fourth test in The Ashes series currently underway in England: 60 (in 111 balls, the quickest first innings in Test history)

6th August, 2015

Number of boats stopped from reaching Australia during 'Operation Sovereign Borders' in the past 18 months: 20

Source: Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton

5th August, 2015

Percentage of world's babies that are exclusively breastfed: 38 per cent

Source: WHO

4th August, 2015

Percentage of 1200 Australian teenagers surveyed who had sent a sext by mobile phone: Half

Source: AIC research via Sydney Morning Herald

3rd August, 2015

Number of female world leaders, including heads of government and elected heads of state: 18

Source: Pew Research

31st July, 2015

Percentage of known victims of human trafficking, globally, who are children: 33 per cent

Source: UNODC

30th July, 2015

Average amount Australian women are paid less than men over their lifetime: $700,000

Source: ANZ research

29th July, 2015

Estimated number of people killed in the five year conflict in Syria: 220,000

Source: UN

28th July, 2015

Rise in motorcycle registrations, including scooters, in Australia, 2010-2015: More than 22 per cent

Source: ABS

27th July, 2015

Decrease in the death rate from all cancers in Australia, 1968-2012: 199 deaths per 100,000 people to 167 per 100,000

Source: AIHW

24th July, 2015

Increase in the price of bread in public bakeries in Syria in the past year: 87 per cent

Source: FAO

23rd July, 2015

Number of death sentences commuted to life imprisonment in Zambia by President Edgar Lungui, in a move welcomed by human rights experts: 332

Source: OHCHR

22nd July, 2015

Number of people displaced by natural disasters globally in 2014: 19.3 million

Source: Norwegian Refugee Council

21st July, 2015

Number of confirmed unprovoked shark attacks on humans in 2014: 72

Source: International Shark Attack File

20th July, 2015

Claimed turnout in North Korean elections: 99.97 per cent

17th July, 2015

Percentage of Australians who are "very concerned" about Islamic extremism in Australia: 48 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

16th July, 2015

Number of family violence-related homicides in Australia, 2003-2012: 1,088

Source: Evidence presented at Victoria's Royal Commission into Family Violence

13th July, 2015

Number of refugees arriving daily in the Greek Islands: Almost 1,000

Source: UNHCR

9th July, 2015

Number of guests expected to attend Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday party in June, 2016: 10,000

Source: The Telegraph

8th July, 2015

Number of children globally today who will never enter a classroom: 24 million

Source: UNESCO report

7th July, 2015

Proportion of Australians aged 18 and over who volunteered in 2014: 31 per cent (compared to 36 per cent in 2010)

Source: ABS

6th July, 2015

Winning score of the US over Japan in the third Women's World Cup: 5-2

3rd July, 2015

Percentage of bank customers in Australia who don't use an ATM machine in a typical week: 42 per cent, up from 20 per cent five years ago

Source: RFi via SMH

2nd July, 2015

Amount Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has pledged to give away to charity in the coming years: $US32 billion

Source: BBC

1st July, 2015

Increase in "grave violations" against children in Iraq during the year to 30th June: 75 per cent

Source: UNICEF

30th June, 2015

Australians' average rating for their "overall life satisfaction": 7.6 out of 10

Source: ABS

29th June, 2015

Number of prisoners in Australia, March quarter 2015: 35,467 (a record high)

Source: ABS

26th June, 2015

Number of Australians who have signed up to Netflix following its launch in late March: 1,039,000 (as of May)

Source: Roy Morgan Research

25th June, 2015

Projected number of infants and young children worldwide who were obese in 2013, up from 32 million 1990: 42 million

Source: WHO

24th June, 2015

Number of people who have died in Pakistan from causes related to a heatwave: almost 700 (following a death toll of more than 1,400 in India last month)

Source: Pakistan Government

23rd June, 2015

Percentage of US citizens who express "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in police: 52 per cent (lowest since 1993)

Source: Gallup

22nd June, 2015

Estimated number of Roma living in Europe: 11 million

Source: UN

19th June, 2015

Percentage of US Catholics who believe there is "solid evidence" the Earth is getting warmer: 71 per cent (compared to 68 per cent among overall US population)

Source: Pew Research

18th June, 2015

Amount of fraud committed on Australian credit cards and cheques in 2014: 20.8 cents per $1,000 spent

Source: Australian Payments Clearing Association

17th June, 2015

Average proportion of people in 12 countries including the US, UK and Australia who use smartphones to access news on a weekly basis: 46 per cent

Source: Digital News Report 2015

16th June, 2015

Percentage of Australians who see the so-called Islamic State as a high risk to Australia's security: 69 per cent

Source: Lowy Institute Poll 2015

15th June, 2015

Number of people worldwide who do not have access to "essential health services": 400 million

Source: WHO/World Bank Group report

12th June, 2015

Proportion of Australians who ate the recommended daily intake of fruit, 2011-2012: 52 per cent

Source: ABS

11th June, 2015

Proportion of Australians that live in a household where they ran out of food and could not afford more, during the past 12 months: Four per cent

Source: ABS

10th June, 2015

Number of people in Iraq displaced from their homes since January, 2014: More than three million

Source: UNOCHA

9th June, 2015

Proportion of more than 100,000 people surveyed in 23 countries who bought drugs of the 'dark net' in the last 12 months: 4.5 per cent

Source: Global Drug Survey

5th June, 2015

Proportion of Australians who live in a household with at least one dog or cat: 50 per cent

Source: Roy Morgan Research

4th June, 2015

Number of Twitter accounts supporting the so-called Islamic State: Almost 50,000

Source: UN

3rd June, 2015

Percentage of Americans who approve of the use of drone strikes targeting extremists: 58 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

2nd June, 2015

Estimated number of stateless people in the world: 10 million

Source: UNHCR

1st June, 2015

Number of people who have died as a result of the current heatwave affecting India: More than 2,000 (as of 31st May, 2015)

Source: Wall Street Journal

29th May, 2015

Number of suicide attacks carried out in northeast Nigeria during the first five months of 2015 (compared with a total of 26 in 2014): 27 (with women and children used to carry them out in an least 75 per cent)

Source: UNICEF

28th May, 2015

Number of asylum seekers to be relocated from Italy and Greece to other European Union member states under proposals aired this week: 40,000

Source: European Commission

27th May, 2015

Number of women around the world living with "obstetric fistula", an "almost entirely preventable" condition that can occur during childbirth: Estimated 2 million

Source: UN

26th May, 2015

Share of Europe's population projected to be aged 65 and over, 2050: 27 per cent (compared to 16 per cent in 2010)

Source: Pew Research Center

25th May, 2015

Number of people executed around Palmyra, Syria, by followers of the so-called Islamic State between 16th and 24th May, 2015: 217

Source: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

22nd May, 2015

Annual loss of managed honey bee colonies in the US in year to April, 2015: 42.1 per cent

Source: US Department of Agriculture

21st May, 2015

Number of "person years" Australians waited on hold to speak to Australian Government agency Centrelink in 2014 before hanging up: 143

Source: Australian National Audit Office report

20th May, 2015

Number of women worldwide murdered by their intimate partners or family members in 2012: At least 43,000

Source: UNODC

19th May, 2015

Percentage of global workers employed on temporary or short-term contracts in informal jobs often without any contract, under own-account arrangements or in unpaid family jobs: 75 per cent

Source: ILO

18th May, 2015

Number of tress planted in Ecuador as part of an event setting a new world record for reforestation: 647,250

Source: Discovery News

15th May, 2015

Increase in amphetamine-related arrests in Australia, 2013-14 to 2014-15 47 per cent (13,914 to 26,269)

Source: Australian Crime Commission

14th May, 2015

Increase in global life expectancy for men and women since 1990: 6 years

Source: World Health Statistics 2015

13th May, 2015

Amount of pure alcohol available, 2013-2014, for each person in Australia aged 15 years or older (a 50 year low): 9.7 litres

Source: ABS

12th May, 2015

Number of European Union countries in which child poverty rose between 2008 and 2013: 18 out of 28

Source: International Labour Organization

11th May, 2015

Percentage of Australian teachers who say their workload has increased over the past year: 73 per cent

Source: Australian Education Union's State of Our Schools Survey, 2015

8th May, 2015

Percentage of Australian children (aged 0-14 years) with mothers who were employed in 2012-2013: 59 per cent

Source: ABS

7th May, 2015

Median age at which women became mothers in Australia in 2010: 28

Source: AIFS

6th May, 2015

Number of women who die each day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth: About 800

Source: WHO

5th May, 2015

Number of European countries in the top 10 happiest countries, according to the third World Happiness Report: 7

Source: World Happiness Report

4th May, 2015

Mean taxable income in the postcodes with the highest (2027) and lowest (2403) income rankings of all postcodes in Australia in 2012-2013: $177,514/$21,691

Source: Australian Taxation Office

31st April, 2015

Number of people around the world sentenced to death, 2014: At least 2,466

Source: Amnesty International

30th April, 2015

Percentage of rental properties considered suitable for single people on government payments in Australia: Less than 1 per cent

Source: Anglicare Australia's Rental Affordability Snapshot

29th April, 2015

Economic cost of the estimated 600,000 premature deaths and diseases caused by air pollution in Europe in 2010: $US1.6 trillion

Source: WHO/OECD report

28th April, 2015

Proportion of Australians aged over 65 who experience loneliness: About 45 per cent

Source: 2015 Social Isolation and Loneliness Report

27th April, 2015

Number of  lives lost to malaria worldwide annually: More than 500,000

Source: WHO

24th April, 2015

Number of Australians who died during the landings at Gallipoli on 25th April, 1915: More than 620

Source: Australian Government's Anzac site

23rd April, 2015

Cost of a loaf of bread in Australia in 1915 (year of the Gallipoli landings) and 2015: 3.5 pence/$2.84

Source: McCrindle Research

22nd April, 2015

Average size of households in Australia in 1915 (year of the Gallipoli landings) and 2015: 4.5/2.6

Source: McCrindle Research

21st April, 2015

Median age of Australians in 1915 (year of the Gallipoli landings) and 2015: 23.5/37.3

Source: McCrindle Research

20th April, 2015

Proportion of children and adolescents in the Middle East and North Africa who are either out of school or dropping out: 1 in 4 (more than 21 million)

Source: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Out-of-School Children Initiative (OOSCI)

17th April, 2015

Proportion of US citizens who support the death penalty (down from 78 per cent in 1996): 56 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

16th April, 2015

Population of Perth (fastest growing capital city in Australia during 2013-14 with a growth rate of 2.5 per cent): 2 million

Source: ABS

14th April, 2015

Global military expenditure, 2014: $US1776 billion

Source: Stockholm  International Peace Research Institute

13th April, 2015

Civilian casualities in Afghanistan, Jan-Mar, 2015: 521 - 136 killed and 385 injured (up eight per cent on first quarter, 2014)

Source: UNAMA

10th April, 2015

Increase in unsentenced prisoners remanded in full time custody in Australia, Dec 2013-Dec, 2014: 13 per cent

Source: ABS

9th April, 2015

Proportion of Australia’s "highest risk serious and organised crime targets" which are involved in the methylamphetamine market: More than 60 per cent

Source: Australian Crime Commission

8th April, 2015

Number of people displaced from their homes in South Sudan: About 1.5 million

Source: UN Mission in South Sudan

7th April, 2015

Amount Australians aged 18 to 64 collectively spend on technology and communication devices in the last 12 months: About $20 billion

Source: Suncorp Bank: Cost of Being Digitally Savvy report

2nd April, 2015

Number of children killed/injured by landmines and unexploded ordinance as a result of the conflict in Ukraine:

An estimated 42/109

Source: UNICEF

1st April, 2015

Increase in number of deaths in Australia due to dementia and Alzheimer's disease in the five years to 2013: More than 30 per cent to about 11,000

Source: ABS

31st March, 2015

Population of Nigeria (Africa's most populous nation): 177,155,754

Source: CIA World Factbook, June 2014

30th March, 2015

Percentage of Australians aged 14 or over visiting cafes in an average three months, 2014: 56.8 per cent

Source: Roy Morgan Research

27th March, 2015

Number of executions carried out in Pakistan since a moratorium on capital punishment was lifted in December, 2014: 61

Source: Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

26th March, 2015

Proportion of adults/children in Australia who regularly swim (the most common sporting activity in Australia): About 1 in 10/1 in 2

Source: Roy Morgan Research

25th March, 2015

Amount science contributes to the Australian economy annually: More than $145 billion

Source: The importance of advanced physical and mathematical sciences to the Australian economy report

24th March, 2015

Number of years Lee Kuan Yew, who died this week at the age of 91, was Prime Minister of Singapore: 31

23rd March, 2015

Predicted increase in number of Australians living alone by 2036 (from 2011): Up to 65 per cent to 3.4 million

Source: ABS

20th March, 2015

Size of the proposed Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve (the world's largest marine reserve): 834,000 square kilometres

Source: BBC

19th March, 2015

Proportion of people infected with Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone who are children: About 20 per cent

Source: UNICEF

18th March, 2015

Proportion of Australian fathers who would like to spend more time with their children: 60 per cent

Source: NAB Work & Family Survey

17th March, 2015

Proportion of international arms exports carried out by the US and Russia between 2010-2014: 58 per cent (31/27)

Source: SIPRI

16th March, 2015

Length of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in Alaska: About 1,600 kilometres


13th March, 2015

Number of tigers in India in 2014 (up from 1,411 in 2006): 2,226

Source: Wildlife Institute of India

12th March, 2015

Increase in defendants on drug charges who had their cases finalised in Australian courts in 2013-2014 (compared to previous year): 15 per cent

Source: ABS

11th March, 2015

Amount by which global debt has grown since the 'Great Recession' of 2007: $US57 trillion

Source: McKinsey Global Institute

10th March, 2015

Number of people killed and injured by landmines in Colombia since 1990: More than 10,900

Source: The HALO Trust

6th March, 2015

Number of Australians expected to be aged 100-years or over in 2054-55 compared to 1974-75: About 40,000/122

Source: Australian Treasury - 2015 Intergenerational Report

5th March, 2015

Number of people in the world worth $US30 million or more: 172,850

Source: Knight Frank Wealth Report

4th March, 2015

Proposed rise in the cost of standard Australian postage stamps: From 70 cents to $1 (43 per cent)

Source: Australia Post

3rd March, 2015

Death toll as a result of the conflict in Ukraine: More than 6,000

Source: OHCHR

2nd March, 2015

Proportion of Australia's unemployed who are teenagers (aged 15-19-years-old): 1 in 5

Source: Brotherhood of St Laurence - The Teenager Dream Unravels: trends in youth unemployment

27th February, 2015

Increase in number of "rough sleepers" in London (as at autumn, 2014, increase on 2013 figure): 37 per cent (to 742)

Source: UK Government

26th February, 2015

Number of people affected by natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific region during 2014: 80 million


25th February, 2015

Number of Australia's 2.7 smokers who will die from their habit if they continue to smoke: Up to 1.8 million

Source: Sax Institute study published in BMC Medicine

24th February, 2015

Number of Egyptians who have fled Libya for Egypt following the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians there by members of the Islamic State earlier this month: At least 14,585

Source: Egyptian state news agency MENA (via ABC)

23rd February, 2015

Proportion of Australians who experience an "anxiety condition" in their lives: 26 per cent

Source: beyondblue

20th February, 2015

Number of schools that have closed in South Sudan as a result of conflict: About 840

Source: UNICEF

19th February, 2015

Pay gap between men and women at "key management personnel" level in Australian companies: 28.9 per cent

Source: Workplace Gender Equality Agency

18th February, 2015

Number of adolescent girls who become infected with HIV every week in South Africa: 860

Source: UNICEF

17th February, 2015

Proportion of adult Australians who believe the execution of Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, convicted for drug-trafficking in Indonesia, should not proceed: 62 per cent

Source: Lowy Institute

16th February, 2015

Amount each Australian spends on fast food annually: $311

Source: Heart Foundation

13th February, 2015

Number of days in a row that New York City hasn't had a murder (as of 12.01am on 12th February), beating a nine day record set in 2013: 10

Source: NYPD via The Guardian

12th February, 2015

Estimated number of child soldiers, mostly boys, recruited by armed forces and groups in South Sudan in 2014: 12,000

Source: UNICEF

11th February, 2015

Total value of all dwellings in Australia: $5,399,951,800,000

Source: ABS Residential Property Price Index, December Quarter, 2014

10th February, 2015

Proportion of Americans who believe vaccines for diseases such as measles, mumps and rubella are not safe: 9 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

9th February, 2015

Amount a copy of the Magna Carta - dating from 1300 - found in a council archive in Kent, UK, could sell for: Up to £10 million

Source: The Independent

6th February, 2015

Number of anti-Semitic incidents recorded in UK in 2014: 1,168 (compared to 535 in 2013)

Source: Community Security Trust

5th February, 2015

Number of people who die from cancer annually in China: About 2.2 million

Source: WHO

4th February, 2015

Number of people infected with HIV every day in the Asia-Pacific region: More than 1,000

Source: Via Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

3rd February, 2015

Number of Australians who have joined FebFast - going without alcohol for the month of February - since 2007: Almost 50,000

Source: FebFast

2nd February, 2015

Proportion of Australians born overseas (highest percentage since the 1890s): 28 per cent

Source: ABS

30th January, 2015

Number of Koreans serving as missionaries around the world: More than 26,000 in 169 countries

Source: Korea World Missions Association

29th January, 2015

Number of homeless people turned away from shelters every day in Victoria during 2013-2014 financial year: 92

Source: Report on Government Services via Council to Homeless Persons

28th January, 2015

Number of international tourists in 2014: 1.13 billion

Source: UNTWO

23rd January, 2015

Time on the "Doomsday Clock", a countdown to "global catastrophe", after moving two minutes closer to midnight/doomsday (the first move since 2012): Three minutes to midnight

Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

22nd January, 2015

Percentage of "online adults" in the US who use two or more social media sites: 52 per cent (up from 42 per cent in 2013)

Source: Pew Research Internet Project

21st January, 2015

Number of global unemployed, 2014/projected 2019: 201 million/more than 212 million

Source: International Labour Organization

20th January, 2015

Number of "pointless" emails received annually by the average British worker: 1,728

Source: Study commissioned by Sennheiser

19th January, 2015

Number of people who reportedly attended mass conducted by Pope Francis in Manila on 18th January, 2015: 6 million

Source: Vatican spokesman, Rev Federico Lombardi quoting numbers supplied by local officials

16th January, 2015

Year at which average life expectancy for women in the UK is projected to reach 100: 2055

Source: UK Office for National Statistics forecast (via The Telegraph)

15th January, 2015

Proportion by which the global economy is expected to grow this year (down 0.4 per cent on June estimate): 3 per cent

Source: World Bank, Global Economic Prospects

14th January, 2015

Decline in China's national under-five mortality rate, 1991 to 2013 (per thousand live births): 61 to 12

Source: UNICEF, Children in China: An Atlas of Social Indicators 2014.

13th January, 2015

Growth in Australia's population in the year to the end of June, 2014: 364,900 to 23.5 million

Source: ABS

12th January, 2015

Ranking of Australia by internet speed: 44 (with an average connection speed of 6.9 Mbps)

Source: Akamai, State of the Internet report, Q3 2014

24th December, 2014

Number of prisoners in Australia (as of 30th June, 2014) - a 10 year high: 33,791

Source: ABS

23rd December, 2014

Number of deaths from the Ebola virus during the latest outbreak (as of 22nd December, 2014): 7,418

Source: UN

22nd December, 2014

Number of northern white rhinos in existence after the death Anglifu at the San Diego Zoo earlier this month: 5

Source: National Geographic

19th December, 2014

Percentage of Americans who see CIA interrogation methods as justified (following the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report detailing post-September 2001 practices): 51 per cent

Source: Pew Research

18th December, 2014

Number of people globally who were murdered in 2012: 475,000

Source: Global status report on violence prevention 2014 - WHO, the United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

17th December, 2014

Proportion of the 2.6 million patent applications made globally in 2013 which were filed in China: About a third

Source: WIPO

16th December, 2014

Number of adoptions finalised in Australia in 2013-14: 317

Source: AIHW

15th December, 2014

Number of people facing food insecurity due to a prolonged drought in Central America: Almost 2.5 million

Source: OCHA

12th December, 2014

Amount of plastic estimated to be afloat on global oceans: At least 5.25 trillion pieces equating to 268,940 tonnes

Source: PLOS One

11th December, 2014

Number of giraffes left in the wild: 80,000 (down from 140,000 15 years ago)

Source: Namibian-based Australian conservation scientist Dr Julian Fennessy (via ABC)

9th December, 2014

Rank Australia was given in the 2014 Climate Change Performance Index: 57 (out of 61 countries included in the index)

Source: CCPI

8th December, 2014

Number of people believed to have attempted to cross the Bay of Bengal from countries including Myanmar and Bangladesh to Malaysia and Thailand (via "irregular" means) since the start of 2012: 120,000

Source: UNHCR

5th December, 2014

Australia's 2014 score on Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index (100 being "very clean): 80/100

Source: Transparency International

4th December, 2014

Amount the Australian Government proposes to boost the country's refugee and humanitarian intake over the next four years: 7,500 (to 18,500)

Source: Minister for Immigration

3rd December, 2014

Amount required by the World Food Programme to feed Syrian refugees in December (the WFP announced this week it had to suspend its food voucher program due to a funding crisis): $US64 million

Source: WFP

2nd December, 2014

Proportion of Americans who said their soul needed most attention in terms of "self-improvement" (out of a choice of body, mind and soul): 20 per cent (47 per cent body/29 per cent mind)

Source: CBS News/60 Minutes poll

1st December, 2014

Average temperature during spring, 2014, in Australia (the hottest on record): 24 degrees Celsius

Source: ABC

28th November, 2014

Largest number of MPs ever ejected from Australia's Federal Parliament in a single day: 18 (by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop on 27th November, 2014)

Source: ABC

27th November, 2014

Amount 151 financial institutions from around the world invested in companies producing cluster munitions between 2011 and 2014: $US27 billion

Source: Worldwide Investment in Cluster Munitions report

26th November, 2014

Proportion of people globally with a gambling problem who are perpetrators of "intimate partner violence": 37 per cent

Source: Australian Gambling Research Centre

25th November, 2014

Proportion of people in 34 emerging and developing countries who believe crime is a "very big" problem in their country: 83 per cent

Source: PewResearch Global Attitudes Report

24th November, 2014

Proportion of Australia's national annual grocery bill spent on tobacco products: 10 per cent

Source: IRI-Aztec data quoted in The Age

21st November, 2014

Amount of snow US football team Buffalo Bills estimate needs to be removed from their stadium in Buffalo, New York, after massive snowfall: 220,000,000 kilograms

Source: Chicago Tribune

20th November, 2014

Proportion of Australian workers who want to maintain some involvement in the workforce to stay active when they are older: 47 per cent

Source: Kronos Australia report - Australia’s Choice: Live to Work or Work to Live?

19th November, 2014

Estimated amount of time spent collecting water globally every day: 200,000,000 hours


18th November, 2014

Number of children under 15-years-old who drown every year, globally: 140,219

Source: WHO: Global Report on Drowning

17th November, 2014

Percentage of Australians aged 12 to 17 who say they like to get a suntan now compared with 10 years ago: 38 per cent/60 per cent

Source: Cancer Council's National Sun Protection Survey

14th November, 2014

Proportion of Australians aged under 65 who are not doing any moderate or vigorous physical activity in the past week: 1 in 4

Source: AMR survey commissioned by Diabetes Australia and the Pedestrian Council

13th November, 2014

Estimated number of people globally who die each year from indoor air pollution caused by rudimentary biomass or coal cooking stoves: 4.3 million

Source: WHO

12th November, 2014

Number of registered internet domain names worldwide (as of 31st March, 2014): More than 276,000,000

Source: Verisign

11th November, 2014

Estimated total military casualties (killed, wounded, prisoners or missing in action) in World War I: 37,466,904

Source: PBS - The Great War

10th November, 2014

Average number of sexual partners for Australian men/women: 18/8

Source: Second Australian Study of Health and Relationships

7th November, 2014

Average number of short term visitors who arrived in Australia daily during September compared to average daily number of Australians who departed short-term: 17,000/30,000

Source: ABS

6th November, 2014

Percentage of Americans who believe alcohol is more harmful to a person's health than marijuana: 69 per cent

Source: Pew Research - 6 facts about marijuana

5th November, 2014

Annual cost of "red tape" to the private sector in Australia: $250 billion

Source: Deloitte report - Get out of your own way: Unleashing productivity

4th November, 2014

Number of countries that have become party to the UN's Convention Against Torture since its introduction almost 30 years ago: 156

Source: UN

3rd November, 2014

Median age of Australian mothers in 2003/2013: 30.5/30.8

Source: ABS

31st October, 2014

Number of people affected by asthma worldwide: 334 million

Source: The Global Asthma Report 2014

30th October, 2014

Percentage of Australian citizens Australians believe are over the age of 65 compared to the reality: 37 per cent/14 per cent

Source: IPSOS Perils of Perception study

29th October, 2014

Percentage of Australians who think Australia's immigration intake is too high versus those who think it's too low or about right: 35 per cent/58 per cent

Source: Mapping Social Cohesion Report 2014 (Scanlon Foundation)

28th October, 2014

Estimated daily cost of US air war in Iraq and Syria, according to the US Department of Defense: $US8.3 million

Source: ABC

27th October, 2014

Amount of global food production lost or wasted each year, according to UN estimates: 30 per cent or 1.3 billion tonnes


24th October, 2014

Amount Britain's "smallest home" - a converted flower shop in London of just 17.5 square metres in size - sold for:


Source: Daily Mail

23rd October, 2014

Where Australia ranks of HSBC's league table of the overall best places for expats to live: 12th of 34 countries (Switzerland was #1)

Source: Expat Explorer

22nd October, 2014

Percentage of people who identify as Christian in South Korea, in 1900 and now: 1 per cent/29 per cent

Source: Pew Research

21st October, 2014

Percentage of Australian primary teachers who are female: 81 per cent

Source: The Staff in Australia's Schools report, 2013

20th October, 2014

Volume of data downloaded on Australian mobile handsets, three months to June 2013 compared to three months to June, 2014: 19,636 /38,734 terabytes

Source: ABS

17th October, 2014

Height of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai - the world's tallest tower: 828 metres (2,716.5 feet)

Source: Burj Khalifa

16th October, 2014

Percentage of Australian adults aged 18-64 who actively download "pirated" film and television content: 29 per cent (up four per cent on 2013)

Source: IP Awareness Foundation

15th October, 2014

Proportion of the world's wealth in North America compared to Africa: 34.7 per cent compared to 1.1 per cent

Source: Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2014

14th October, 2014

Proportion of Australians who have missed a payment on an electricity bill in the past year: Nearly 1 in 3

Source: EY Customer Experience Series – Utilities survey

13th October, 2014

Number of injuries incurred at community-level Australian football games over the past decade (based on insurance claims): More than 26,700

Source: ACRISP, Federation University (via The Age)

10th October, 2014

Average amount of TV Australians watch on traditional sets per month: 97 hours, three minutes

Source: Australian Multi-Screen Report, 2nd quarter, 2014

9th October, 2014

Percentage of elected officials in the US who are white/men: 90 per cent/71 per cent


8th October, 2014

Amount of world sport David Howman, director-general of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), says is controlled by organised crime: At least 25 per cent

Source: As reported by the Telegraph

7th October, 2014

Number of additional teachers needed to achieve universal primary education by 2015 (one of the eight Millennium Development Goals): Four million

Source: UNESCO policy paper

6th October, 2014

Growth in average gross income of Australian households, 2003-04 to 2011-12: 58 per cent

Source: ABS

2nd October, 2014

Number of Iraqis killed as a direct result of terrorism and violence September, 2014: An "absolute minimum" of 1,119, including 854 civilians

Source: UNAMI (figures don't include people killed in Anbar Province or those who died after fleeing their homes from  exposure, lack of water, food, or healthcare)

1st October, 2014

Percentage of Australian females aged between 14 and 25 who say sexism affects the career path they choose:

49 per cent

Source: Auspoll commissioned by Plan International Australia

30th September, 2014

Proportion of the top 200 companies in Australia which pay no tax: More than 1 in 10

Source: Who Pays for Our Common Wealth? Tax Practices of the ASX 200 report

29th September, 2014

Average number of mass shooting incidents annually in the US, 2000-2006 compared with 2007-2013: 6.4/16.4

Source: FBI

25th September, 2014

Number of Welsh people who would vote for Wales to be independent of the UK (in wake of Scotland's 'No' vote):

Three per cent

Source: BBC/ICM poll

24th September, 2014

Worst case scenario for the number of Ebola cases, as of January, 2015: 550,000-1.4 million

Source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

23rd September, 2014

Australians with dementia who believe people avoid spending time with them because of their diagnosis or are unsure about that: 59 per cent

Source: Living with Dementia in the Community: Challenges and Opportunities report

22nd September, 2014

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as a percentage of all people in full-time custody in Australia, June quarter 2014: 27.6 per cent

Source: ABS

19th September, 2014

Number of 34 officially sanctioned "independence votes" during the past 70 years which have resulted in independence (excludes Scottish vote): 26

Source: PewResearch

18th September, 2014

Average annual total statutory pay for CEOS of 100 top ASX-listed companies in Australia: $4.84 million (63 times average earnings; down from 94 times average earnings in 2004)

Source: Australian Council of Superannuation Investors

17th September, 2014

Number of babies born annually who only live for one day (many of whom die from preventable causes): One million

Source: UNICEF

16th September, 2014

Number of people globally with a mobile phone: 3.63 billion (about 50 per cent of world population)

Source: We Are Social

15th September, 2014

Proportion of plastic among total of all rubbish along Australia's coastline: About 75 per cent

Source: CSIRO Tackling Marine Debris

12th September, 2014

Number of native animals killed by feral cats each night in Australia: An estimated 45 million

Source: Australian Wildlife Conservancy

11th September, 2014

Average annual cost of fees and living expenses for international university students in Australia (the highest of 13 countries in a HSBC study): $US38,000

Source: HSBC

10th September, 2014

Estimated weight of the newly discovered giant dinosaur, Dreadnoughtus schrani: About 59,000 kilograms

Source: Science News

9th September, 2014

Market value of Facebook after its shares rose 0.8 per cent on the New York Stock Exchange: $US201.6 billion

Source: Bloomberg

8th September, 2014

Amount of time the average Australian women spends chatting on the phone each week: 1.5 hours

Source: ABS Australian Health Survey

5th September, 2014

Number of US states where obesity levels are above 30 per cent of the population: 20

Source: State of Obesity

4th September, 2014

Average unemployment rate in OECD countries (as of mid-2014): 7.4 per cent

Source: OECD

3rd September, 2014

Number of tourists who visited France in 2013 (highest in the world): 84.7 million

Source: Telegraph

2nd September, 2014

Minimum wage in the US: $US7.25 an hour


1st September, 2014

Median age of residents of Tea Gardens-Hawks Nest, near Port Stephens in New South Wales (the community with the oldest median age in Australia): 60

Source: ABS

29th August, 2014

Percentage of Americans who don't think the US is doing enough to "help solve world problems": 31 per cent (up from 17 per cent in November, 2013)

Source: PewResearch

28th August, 2014

Number of people who have died attempting to make "irregular" sea crossings from North Africa to Europe since June: About 1,600

Source: UNHCR

27th August, 2014

Proportion of 10 to 18-year-olds in the US who feel more accepted on social media than in real life: 1 in 3

Source: McAfee 2014 Teens and the Screen study

26th August, 2014

Number of pathological gamblers in Japan: About 5.36 million

Source: SMH

25th August, 2014

Number of meals delivered by Meals on Wheels in Australia each year: About 14 million

Source: Meals on Wheels

22nd August, 2014

Age of Australian grandfather Cyril Baldock, oldest person to swim the English Channel: 70 years and nine months

Source: Telegraph

21st August, 2014

Number of refugees in Ethiopia as at end of July, 2014 (the highest number in any African country): 629,000

Source: UNHCR

20th August, 2014

Estimated number of African elephants killed by ivory poachers between 2010-2012: 100,000

Source: Via National Geographic

19th August, 2014

Number of places the Australian Government has set aside for people fleeing violence in Iraq and Syria this year (under the humanitarian refugee program): 4,400

Source: ABC

18th August, 2014

Proportion of people in Australia who used a payphone in the six months to the end of May: Nine per cent

Source: ACMA via The Age

15th August, 2014

Number of people affected by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa (thanks to the sealing off of the "hot zone"): More than a million

Source: WHO

14th August, 2014

Amount raised in the Salvation Army's 2014 Red Shield Appeal in Australia: $79.9 million


13th August, 2014

Daily calorie intake per capita in US compared with that of Democratic Republic of Congo: 3,770/1,590 kcal

Source: Health website via

12th August, 2014

Number of "laboratory confirmed" flu cases reported in Australia so far this "season" as of 11th August: 20,979 (more than double last year's number)


11th August, 2014

Number of people around the world recognised as "indigenous": More than 370 million

Source: UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

8th August, 2014

Women killed by former partners or partners in Australia between 2008 and 2010 as a proportion of all homicides: 1 in every 6

Source: Australian Institute of Criminology research quoted by ABC

6th August, 2014

Proportion of people who own more than $1 million in net assets in London (the highest proportion of any city in the world): 1 in 35

Source: New World Wealth via The Guardian

5th August, 2014

Number of Australian soldiers who died during World War I: 62,000

Source: Australian War Memorial

4th August, 2014

Number of spies operating in Vienna: At least 7,000

Source: Telegraph

1st August, 2014

Number of Australians who die from alcohol-attributable causes daily (figures from 2010): 15

Source: Alcohol's Burden of Disease in Australia report

31st July, 2014

Proportion of human trafficking victims detected globally between 2007-2010 who were children: 27 per cent

Source: UNODC

30th July, 2014

Number of Australians aged over 40 (termed the 'liver danger zone') living with untreated hepatitis B or C: 250,000

Source: Hepatitis Australia

29th July, 2014

Number of Australians aged over 50 receiving unemployment benefits: More than 200,000

Source: ABC

Cost to Australian businesses in lost productivity and absenteeism due to drugs and alcohol: $6 billion

Source: Australian Drug Foundation

Number of people killed in 16 days of fighting in Israel and Gaza (to 24th July, 2014): 797 Palestinians/33 Israelis

Source: BBC

Proportion of 10 and 11-year-olds who report being picked on or bullied by peers in Australian schools: 1 in 3

Source: Australian Institute of Family Studies

Number of people displaced from their homes in Iraq (as at 22nd July, 2014): 2.2 million


Number of athletes and officials expected to attend the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland: 6,500 from 71 nations and territories


Proportion of people globally who believe US monitoring of their country's citizens is "unacceptable": 81 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center

Percentage of Australians aged over 14 who smoke daily (2010/2013): 15.1 per cent/12.8 per cent

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Proportion of Australians have have diabetes (mostly type 2): 1 in 20

Source: ABS

Amount Australians gambled on the 2014 FIFA World Cup: More than 287 million

Source: SMH

Number of people living in the world's biggest city, Tokyo: 38 million

Source: UN - Population Division

Number of countries where governments damaged the property of religious groups in 2012: 34

Source: Pew Research

Number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan in first six months of 2013: 4,853 (up 24 per cent on 2013 figure)

Source: UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan

Proportion of Australians who reported suffering anxiety in the year to March, 2014 compared to the proportion in the year to March, 2008: 15.6 per cent/9.2 per cent

Source: Spotlight on Australians' Health, Roy Morgan Research

Number of HIV infections in Australia in 2013 (the highest number in a decade): 1,200

Source: Australian Health Minister Peter Dutton (as quoted on

Number of people detained in Egypt in the past year (as of July, 2014): At least 16,000

Source: Amnesty International

Proportion of the world's countries which had laws or policies penalising apostasy in 2012: 11 per cent

Source: Pew Research

Number of people who have died as a result of the world's largest outbreak of the Ebola virus in the west African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia as of 1st July, 2014: 455

Source: WHO

Number of tweets per minute during Brazil's victory over Chile in the FIFA World Cup (highest rate yet recorded by Twitter for a live event): 388,985

Source: Twitter

Estimated annual primary forest loss in Indonesia and Brazil, 2012: 840,000 hectares/460,000 hectares

Source: Primary forest cover loss in Indonesia over 2000–2012, Nature

Proportion of the world's population (aged 15-64) who used an illicit drug in 2012: 5 per cent

Source: UNODC World Drug Report, 2014

Proportion of Australian teachers who believe teaching is valued as a profession by society: 39 per cent

Source: OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey 2013

Number of people killed or injured in Iraq between 5th and 22nd June, 2014, following the launch of attacks by the ISIS/ISIL: More than 2,000

Source: UN Assistance Mission in Iraq

Number of Australians and people of dual nationality (one of which is Australian) believed to be serving with terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria: 150

Source: Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop speaking to ABC Insiders

Number of child labourers globally aged between five and 11-years-old: 73 million

Source: Unlucky for some: 13 myths about child labour, World Vision

Number of African elephants killed illegally by poachers in 2013: More than 20,000

Source: CITES

Number of people Europe who have tried e-cigarettes: More than 29 million

Source: Business Insider

Number of people in South Sudan estimated to be in need of aid by the end of 2014: 3.8 million

Source: OCHA

Number of times Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup (the most of any nation): 5

Source: FIFA

Percentage of Brazilians who are dissatisfied with the way things are in Brazil, host of the FIFA World Cup, today: 72 per cent

Source: Pew Research Center survey

Number of people killed and injured during Iraq in "acts of terrorism and violence" in May, 2014: More than 2,200

Source: UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI)

Percentage of Egyptian women who have been sexually harassed: 99.3 per cent

Source: UN Women

Number of Allied troops which landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day - 6th June, 1944: 156,000

Source: D-Day Museum, UK

Amount it costs to produce a five cent coin in Australia: 6 cents

Source: Royal Australian Mint chief executive Ross MacDiarmid speaking at a Senate Estimates Committee on 3rd June (as quoted on

Number of foreign fighters who have traveled to Syria to fight in the country's ongoing civil war: 12,000

Source: Soufan Group

Percentage of Australians who view the inclusion of a religious component to be extremely or very important to the planning of their own funeral: 22 per cent

Source: McCrindle Research, Deaths and Funerals in Australia

Percentage of purchases made online by Australians, April 2014: 6.6 per cent

Source: National Australia Bank Online Retail Sales Index, June 2014

Percentage of the Syrian population now living in "extreme poverty": 54.3 per cent

Source: Squandering Humanity report - UNRWA, UNDP and the Syrian Centre for Policy Research

Amount forced labour contributes to the private economy in illegal profits globally each year:  $US150 billion

Source: International Labour Organization

Number of Australians who reported avoiding a food type in 2011-12 due to an allergy or intolerance: 3.7 million

Source: ABS - Australian Health Survey: Nutrition First Results - Foods and Nutrients, 2011-12

Number of people killed by outdoor air pollution around the world annually: More than 3.5 million


Number of women killed in dowry-related deaths in India in 2012: 8,233

Source: India's National Criminal Records Bureau

Amount Australian cricketer Donald Bradman's first test cricket bat sold for at auction in Melbourne this week: $60,000

Source: ABC

Percentage of Australian children aged 5-17 not getting recommended 60 minutes of exercise a day: 80

Source: Active Healthy Kids Australia Report Card

Number of children killed or maimed in Central African Republic since December, 2013: 194

Source: UNICEF

Number of sharks bigger than three metres destroyed after being captured in the Western Australian Government's three month trial drumline program: 50

Source: Western Australian Government

Number of countries in which "extensively drug-resistant" tuberculosis has been identified: 92

Source: Antimicrobial resistance factsheet, World Health Organization

Percentage of Australians who have bought drugs on the internet: 9

Source: Global Drug Survey 2014

Number of US troops killed in Afghanistan or Iraq during March, 2014: 0 (the first time in 11 years)

Source: TIME

Number of people worldwide who died as a result of air pollution exposure in 2012: 7 million (1 in 8 of total global deaths)

Source: WHO

Percentage of Australians who live in "relative poverty", less than half the median national income: 14 per cent

Source: OECD, Society at a Glance 2014

Number of climate-related records broken in the 90 days of summer, 2013-2014, in Australia: More than 156

Source: Climate Council

Number of part-time workers in Australia who would prefer to work more hours (as of September, 2013): 912,500

Source: Underemployed workers, Australia, ABS

Number of Oscar statuettes presented since the first Academy Awards in 1929: 2,900


Number of people per square kilometre in Mumbai, India compared with Sydney, Australia: 20,694/2,186

Source: The Age

Gap between life expectancy of indigenous Australians and non-indigenous Australians (male/female), 2010-2012: 10.6/9.5 years

Source: Closing the Gap

Amount corruption is costing the European Union economy annually: €120 billion ($AUD185 billion)

Source: European Union

Cost of housing a prisoner in Canberra in 2012-2013 (highest of any Australian state or territory): $465 a day

Source: Australian Productivity Commission

Number of people executed in Iran in 2013: 625


Number of people within the Central African Republic who have been displaced from their homes due to ongoing fighting (as of 3rd January, 2014): More than 935,000


Largest lottery cash payout in world history: $US474 million (of a $US656 million jackpot in the US Mega Millions draw on 30th March, 2012)


Number of people living with HIV in 2012: 35.3 million

Source: UNAIDS

Proportion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 15 and over who smoke on a daily basis: 41 per cent

Source: Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey: First Results, Australia, 2012-13, ABS

Proportion of deaths among young people in Australia attributable to alcohol: 13 per cent

Source:Australian National Council on Drugs Alcohol Action Plan Issues Paper

Amount the minimum wage for Bangladeshi garment workers is set to rise: 77 per cent

Source: The Guardian

Estimated annual global value of wildlife crime: $US15-20 billion

Source: United Nations Environment Programme and Interpol

Amount Australians reported lost to 'dating and romance' scams in 2012: $23.3 million

Source: The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's Annual Report 2012-2013

Proportion of Australians who believe it is time to start phasing out alcohol sponsorship of sport: 67 per cent

Source: Roy Morgan study commissioned by Salvation Army

US National Debt (as at 10.30.10pm on 16th October, 2013): $US16,749,200,529,225.45

Source: US National Debt Clock

Number of people worldwide will have access to the internet by the end of 2013: Estimated 2.7 billion

Source: United Nations International Telecommunication Union

Number of people killed by medical euthanasia in The Netherlands in 2012: 4,188


Proportion of Australian households that have pets: 63 per cent

Source: Animal Health Alliance

Population of Africa today and the projected population in 2050: 1.1 billion/at least 2.4 billion

Source: Population Reference Bureau

Number of sharks killed globally each year (demand for shark fin soup is a key driver): 100 million

Source: BBC

Difference between the weekly pay of the average full-time working woman in Australia and the average man (or amount the average man's weekly pay is higher): $266

Source:  Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Number of children forced to flee their home in Syria as a result of conflict: 1,000,000

Source:  UNHCR, 23rd August, 2013

Number of people on organ transplant waiting lists in Australia: 1,600

Source:  DonateLife

Number of prisoners in the US per 100,000 people (the highest rate in the world): 716

Source:  International Centre for Prison Studies

Amount of salt eaten by Australians every year: 3.2 kilograms


Amount the US city of Detroit - the largest in the country's history to file for bankrupcy - is in debt: $US18-20 billion


Estimated number of long-arms and handguns in the illicit firearms market in Australia: 250,000/10,000


Dollar total of orders received by Australian businesses via the internet in 2011-2012 Estimated $237 billion


Number of Australian Prime Ministers who have served more than one term in office, separated by a period out of office: 4

Percentage of global refugees in Australia at the end of 2012: 0.3 per cent

Source: UNHCR Global Trends 2012

Age of the world's oldest person, Jiroemon Kimura, who died in Japan on 12th June, 2013: 116

Amount of food produced globally each year which is wasted or lost, never making it from "farm to fork": 1.3 billion tonnes


Number of people who have scaled Mt Everest since it was first conquered in 1953: More than 3,500


Number of people killed in Africa by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army over the past 25 years: More than 100,000

Source: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking on 20th May, 2013

Number of babies in India which die annually within 24 hours of being born: 309,300

Source: State of the World's Mothers Report, Save the Children

Number of bitcoins (online currency) currently in circulation globally: 11 million

Source: Time

Number of kilometres Australian vehicles travelled in 2012: 232.4 billion

Source: ABS

Number of Australians who have won the US Masters golf championship: 1 (Adam Scott, 2013)

Value of the reward the US Government is offering for information leading to the arrest of African warlord Joseph Kony, head of the Lord's Resistance Army, and two other LRA leaders: $US5 million

Source: CNN

Number of children in approved child care in June, 2012: 986,280


Number of people with disabilities in Australia living under the poverty line (defined as under 50 per cent of median household income): 620,600

Source: Australian Council of Social Service

Proportion of deaths which are due to heart disease in Australia, 2002/2011: 19 per cent down to 15 per cent

Source: ABS

Number of live great apes lost to illegal trade between 2005-2011: 22,218

Source: Stolen Apes, produced by the UN Environment Programme through the Great Apes Survival Partnership

Number of people worldwide with "disabling hearing loss": 360 million

Source: World Health Organization

Proportion of 16 and 17-year-old Australian student drinkers who say they intend to get drunk most or every time they drink alcohol: 45.1 per cent

Source: 2011 Australian Secondary Students' Alcohol and Drug Survey

Number of Popes through history (including Pope Benedict XVI): 265

Proportion of Australian adults desiring a tan, 2003-04/2010-11: 39 per cent/27 per cent


Estimated number of Afghan refugees worldwide: 2.7 million


Estimated number of children working in domestic service in India: 4 million


Number of firearm homicides in the United States, 2011 (preliminary data): 11,101


Australia's road toll in 2012 and 1970 - the worst year for deaths on the road: 1,301/3,798


Number of prisoners in Australia as at 30 June, 2012: 29,383

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Average annual income of Australians, 2009-2010: $48,530

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of journalists killed while on assignment as of November, 2012 (a 15 year high): 119

Source: International Press Institute

Proportion of 18 to 24-year-olds not fully engaged in work or study: About 1 in 4

Source: Council of Australian Governments report via Sydney Morning Herald

Number of people globally who have epilepsy: 50 million

Source: World Health Organization

Number of forced baby adoptions which took place between 1950s and 1970s in Australia: Up to 250,000

Source: Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee Inquiry into Commonwealth Contribution to Former Forced Adoption Policies and Practices

Global cost of transnational organised crime (as per 2009 estimate): $US870 billion

Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Percentage of US adults who identify as Protestants, 2012 compared to 2007: 48 per cent compared to 53 per cent

Source: The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Percentage of Australian single mothers who smoke: 34 per cent

Source: Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey to be published next year (as quoted in The Sunday Age on 9th September, 2012)

Number of Australians who died of asbestos-related disease mesothelioma in 2010: 642

Source: Australian Federal Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten, speaking on 5th September, 2012

Number of US soldiers killed as a result of the 11-year long war in Afghanistan (as of 23rd August, 2012): 2000

New world record time for the 800 metres set by Kenyan runner David Rudisha at the London Olympics: 1:40.91

Amount owed by Spain's 17 regions: Estimated €140 million


Decline in suicide rates in Australia, 2001-2010: 17 per cent - 12.7 to 10.5 deaths per 100,000 people

Source: ABS

Number of people globally who die annually as a result of a 'couch potato' lifestyle: 5 million

Source: ABC

Number of countries expected to take part in the 2012 London Olympic Games: 204


Number of Australian/British/US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001 (as at 4th July, 2012): 33/422/2028

Source: Department of Defence/BBC/

Australia's annual population growth rate in 2011: 1.4 per cent

Source: ABS

Amount spent on online shopping in Australia during the year to April, 2012: $11.1 billion

Source: NAB Online Retail Sales Index

Number of asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by plane and boat in 2011/2010: 11,510/12,640

Source: UNHCR

Number of journalists killed around the world in 2011: 62

Source: UNESCO

Number of Australians projected to have dementia in 2050: 981,044

Source: Access Economics July 2010 report 'Caring places: planning for aged care and dementia 2010-2050'

Number of people who died when the RMS Titanic sunk after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic on 15th April, 1912: 1,514

Amount Australian households spend on goods from China each year: $5,100

Source: Allen Consulting Group (via

Number of people living alone in Australia in 2006 and projected number in 2031: 1.9 million and 3-3.6 million

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Percentage by which the average price of electricity in Australia is higher than that in European Union, the United States and Canada: 20 per cent/55 per cent/105 per cent

Source: Electricity Prices in Australia: An International Comparison, a report to the Energy Users Association of Australia (

Infant mortality rate (deaths/1,000 live births) in Australia: 4.3

Source: Deaths, Australia 2010 (

Number of tornadoes in the US in 2011 (preliminary data only): 1709

NOAA's National Weather Service Storm Prediction Centre

Percentage of global pirate attacks in 2011 involving Somali pirates: 54 per cent (237 attacks)

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) global piracy report

Number of executions in Iraq in the first 40 days of 2012: At least 65

Human Rights Watch

Unemployment rate in Spain, worst of any country in Europe: 22.8 per cent

The Guardian

Number of days it took computer game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to rack up $US1 billion in sales following its release in November: 16

Activision Blizzard

Number of people around the world who are living with disabilities: 1 billion

World Health Organization

Number of prisoners believed to be held in militia-controlled detention centres in Libya: 7,000

United Nations

Number of people killed in the eight month Syrian uprising: More than 3,500

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani, speaking on 10th November, 2011

Jump in the average net worth of Australia's richest households over the past four years to 30th June compared to the poorest: 15 per cent compared to four per cent

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of people still living in camps in Haiti following last year's earthquake (as at 29th September, 2011): 600,000

United Nations

Number of internet subscribers in Australia (as at the end of June, 2011, excluding mobile handset connections): 10.9 million

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of people living in poverty in the US in 2010: 46.2 million

US Census Bureau

Estimated number of children aged under five who died worldwide in 1990 and 2010: 12 million down to 7.6 million

UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN World Health Organization (WHO).

Estimated number of cancer cases a year worldwide linked to diet, physical activity and weight: 2.8 million

World Cancer Research Fund

Amount the US bluechip Dow Jones industrial average has had wiped off over the past three weeks (to 12th August): About 12 per cent

Number of countries in which polio remains endemic: 4 - Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan

Source: Global Polio Eradication Initiative

Number of years Neptune takes to complete one orbit of the sun: About 165

Number of Somalis who have fled Somalia thanks to violence and drought this year: More than 135,000

Source: UNHCR...

Number of millionaires in Australia in 2010: 193,000

Source: Capgemini and Merrill Lynch annual World Wealth Report, 2011 (as quoted on 

Amount of the Maya Bioreserve in Guatemala (Latin America's second biggest tropical forest after the Amazon) burned or cleared since 1990: 21 per cent

Source: London's Guardian newspaper, based on official Guatemalan figures...

Estimated amount of radiation released into the atmosphere from the Fukushima nuclear plant in the days following the Japan tsunami and earthquake: 800,000 terabecquerels, more than double the previous estimate.

Source: Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, as at 7th June, 2010...

Number of Australians aged 18 years and over who were classed as obese in 2007-2008: 24 per cent

Source: Overweight and Obesity in Adults in Australia: A Snapshot, Australian Bureau of Statistics...

Number of people killed during the Tunisian uprising, between 17th December and 14th January: About 300

Source: Juan Mendez, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture on 22nd May, 2011

Number of tornadoes which swept across the US between 8am on 25th April and 8am on 28th April, 2011, during which at least 340 people were killed: At least 305

Source: National Oceanic and Atmiospheric Administration, United States of America.

Insurance bill for Queensland's natural disasters this summer: More than $3 billion

Source: Insurance Council of Australia

Number of people who died globally as a result of TB in 2009: 1.7 million

Source: WHO, on the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day, 24th March, 2011

Estimated number of homes which have been deemed unsafe and will be demolished in the New Zealand city of Christchurch after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in February, 2011: 10,000

Source: New Zealand Government

Estimated global number of unique IPv4 addresses - numerical labels that direct people to particular locations on the internet - currently available: 4.3 billion

Estimated cost to Brisbane City Council of clean-up following floods: At least $440 million

Number of people taken hostage at sea in 2010 (and rise on 2009 figure): 1,181 (up 10 per cent)

Source: International Maritime Bureau

Average number of people shot in the US annually: 97,820

Source: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Number of people killed in commercial aviation crashes worldwide in 2010: 828

Source: Ascend Consultancy

Number of people who have died in Haiti's cholera outbreak: More than 2,000

As at 8th December, 2010

Approximate percentage of 5.6 million votes in recent Afghan election that were disqualified: 25 per cent


Number of tigers believed left in the wild: 3,200

Source: TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network

Estimated size of the global TV audience which tuned in to watch the 33 Chilean miners exit the mine on 13th October, 2010: 1 billion

How often a child dies of malaria globally: Every 45 seconds

Source: UN

Life expectancy at birth for a boy born in Australia in 1998 compared to 2008: 75.9 years/79.2 years

Source: Measures of Australia's Progress, 2010, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of species living in the Australian waters:330,000

Source:Census of Marine Life

Number of humanitarian program visas Australia granted to refugees in 2008-09: 13,507

Source: Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Life expectancy at birth of indigenous males compared to non-indigenous males: 67.2 years/78.7 years

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 'The Health and Welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples', 2010.

Estimated number of people who die as a result of gun violence in the US each year: 30,000

Source: The Guardian, 'All Americans free to carry firearms, rules Supreme Court', 29th June, 2010

Number of games played by American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut in their record-breaking, three day, round one match at Wimbledon Tennis Championships (in which Isner won): 183

Number of Australian churches which took part in the National Day of Thanksgiving 2010: About 5,000

Source: National Day of Thanksgiving

Claimed age of the oldest person found by Census officials in Indonesia: 157

Source:, 'Census records 157-year-old woman', 7th June, 2010

Estimated amount of oil which has been leaking into Gulf of Mexico daily since an explosion on the Deepwater horizon rig in April: 795,000 litres

Source:, 27th May, 2010. (BP announced on 28th May, 2010, that the spill has finally been capped)

Amount organised crime takes from the Australian economy annually: More than $15 billion

Source: 'Organised crime rips $15bn out of the economy',, 16th May 2010

Number of US operating satellites in orbit compared with the number of operating Russian satellites, the country with the next greatest number: 437/95

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists

Death toll as a result of an earthquake which struck in Yushu County, Qinghai Province, China, on 14th April, 2010 (as at 18th April, 2010): More than 1700

Australia's population as at 30th September, 2009: 22,066,000


Number of assassination attempts made on Cuban leader Fidel Castro: 638

Source: As reported in The Guardian newspaper, quoting makers of a Cuban documentary, on 11th March, 2010

Number of songs sold on Apple's iTunes: 10 billion

Number of people killed in terrorist, insurgent and sectarian-related incidents in Pakistan in 2009: 3,021

Source: Pak Institute for Peace Studies, Pakistan Security Report 2009

US public debt, as at 16th November, 2009: $US12.031 trillion


Size of Australian sheep flock in 1959 and 2009: 152.4 million/71.6 million

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (as quoted in The Age)

Number of 18-year-olds not enrolled to vote in Australia: Roughly 50 per cent

Source: Electoral Commissioner Ed Killesteyn speaking at Senate hearings in Canberra, October 2009 (as quoted on

Gambling losses in Australia, 2006-07: $18.18 billion

Source: Queensland Department of Treasury

Estimated number of child labourers (aged five to 14) around the world: 150 million

Source: UNICEF

Number of people who drowned in Australian waterways between 1st July 2008 and 30th June, 2009: 302

Source: Royal Life Saving Society - Australia

Number of people without house insurance in the US in 2008: 46.3 million

Source: US Census Bureau

Number of years until another across-the-board single digit date (as in 9.9.09): 992 (1.1.3001)

Number of children involved in divorces in Australia in 2008: 43,184

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of people who have died from swine flu (the N1H1 virus) in Australia as at 26th August, 2009: 138

Source: Australian Government

Worldwide military expenditure, 2008: US$1464 billion

Source: Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

Road deaths per 100,000 people in Australia, the United States, and The Netherlands: 7.8/13.9/4.8

Source: World Health Organisation, Global Status Report on Road Safety, June 2009

Number of men who have walked on the moon since Neil Armstrong took the first step in 1969: 11 (plus Armstrong, meaning 12 men in total have walked on the moon).

Number of people per 100,000 population who died on Australian roads in 1978 and 2007: 26/8

Source: World Health Organisation

Percentage of over 65s in Australia who have incomes below the OECD poverty threshold: 26.9 per cent

Source: OECD

Percentage of Australian homes which have high-speed internet: 72 per cent

Source: Strategy Analytics (as quoted on

Estimated number of Australians who have used cannabis in their lifetime: 5.8 million

Source: Australian Crime Commission

Number of swine flu cases in Australia (as on 3rd June, 2009): 502

Source: Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon quoted on

Number of employed people who worked some hours at home during November, 2008: 2.4 million

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of countries reporting infections of Influenza A(H1N1) - also known as Swine Flu - as at 7th May, 2009: 23

Source: World Health Organisation

Estimated number of civillians killed in Sri Lanka in fighting between the government and rebels in the past three months: 4,500

Source: UN (as quoted in The Age on 22nd April, 2009)

Amount of wealth lost by the average Australian in the past year: $25,000

Source: CommSec economist, Savanth Sebastian, extrapolating from Treasury figures (as quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald on 16th April, 2009)

Amount the price of real estate has risen in parts of Kabul, Afghanistan, in the past year: 75 per cent

Source: The Telegraph (UK)

Number of resident departures from Australia in 2008: 5.9 million

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs figures reported in The Australian on 30th March, 2009

Number of people executed in 2008: At least 2,390

Source: Amnesty International

Number of billionaires in Australia in 2009: 10

Source: Forbes magazine

Percentage of Australians that swam in 1988-89 compared with those that do in 2007-08: 36 per cent compared with 22 per cent

Source: Sweeney Sports market research company as prepared for The Sunday Age (published on 8th February, 2009)

Number of Catholics across the globe in 2007: 1.147 billion

Source: 2009 edition of the Vatican yearbook, known as the Annuario Pontificio.

Possible number of Earth-like planets in the universe: 100 billion trillion

Source: Alan Boss, of the Carnegie Institute in Washington (as quoted in an article in the UK's Telegraph newspaper.

Number of civilians killed in Afghanistan in 2008: 2,118

Source: Protection of Civlians in Armed Conflict report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

Percentage of Australians who live in rural areas in 1911 and 2006: 42 per cent/12 per cent

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 'A Picture of the Nation: the Statistician’s Report on the 2006 Census.'

Amount spent at retailers in Australia during December 2007: $18,125 million

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Percentage of people in Australia who believe only half, a small portion, or none of the information found online is reliable: 60 per cent

Source: World Internet Project

Amount of rainforest destroyed for every gram of cocaine consumed in Britain: Four square metres

Source: Colombian Vice-President Francisco Santos Calderon speaking at a conference of senior police officers in November, 2008.

Youth murder rates per 100,000 Latin America versus Europe: 36.6 versus 1.2

Source: Map of Violence: The Young People of Latin America, Latin American Technological Information Network.

Number of ships attacked by pirates in 2007: 263

Source: Wall Street Journal (quoting International Maritime Bureau)

Degrees average world temperatures are expected to be above pre-industrial levels by 2100: Six

Source: International Energy Agency

Amount bet in Australia on the Melbourne Cup result in 2008: More than $150 million

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Number of people hungry in the world in 2008: At least 925 million

Source: UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

Percentage growth of Amish population in the US between 1992 and 2008: 84 per cent

Source: The Young Centre for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College

Number of jars of Vegemite produced since it was created in 1922: 1 billion

Height of the Burj Dubai skyscraper currently under construction in the United Arab Emirates compared to the height of the world's next tallest building - the Taipei 101 in Taiwan: 688 metres/509 metres

Percentage of elderly Australians living on less than half the median Australian disposable income between 2001 and 2005: More than 50 per cent

Source: Melbourne Institute

Number of Bibles distributed by Bible Societies around the world in 2007: 26,996,323

Source: United Bible Societies.

Number of people displaced from their homes by floods in India in August and early September, 2008: 3 million

Source: Reuters

Number of drug-related murders in Mexico this year as of 24th August, 2008: 2,000

Source: Time Magazine

Number of people displaced in the conflict in South Ossetia: Approximately 100,000

Source: UNHCR

Number of people who go missing every year in Australia: Approximately 35,000


Number of Australian athletes expected to compete at the Beijing Olympics: 433


Number of people said to have been killed as a result of a campaign of genocide in Darfur allegedly master-minded by Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, according to International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo: 35,000


Number of Australians who are obese: Almost 4 million

Source: Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute

Percentage of Australia workforce that worked part-time in 2007: 29 per cent

Percentage in 1966: 10 per cent

Source: Productivity Commission

Number of days Australian soldiers were in Iraq in a combat role: 1902

Percentage of wild Tasmanian devil population killed as a result of facial tumour disease (putting the animal on Tasmania's threatened species list): Up to 60 per cent

Source: As reported on

Amount the average Australian smoker spends on cigarettes in their lifetime: About $300,000

Source: Dr Ross Philpot, Medical Journal of Australia (as reported on

Estimated number of female fetuses believed to have been aborted in India in the 20 years to 2006: 10 million

Source: Lancet, 2006.

Number of people executed around the world in 2007: At least 1,252

Source: Amnesty International.

Percentage by which the number of tigers in India has declined over the past decade: 60 per cent (now 1,411 tigers left in the wild)

Source: The Age newspaper, 18th February, 2008, quoting figures from the National Tiger Conservation Authority

Percentage of the world's population who are Christian: 33 per cent

Source: Vatican's 2008 yearbook of statistics.

Number of US troops killed in Iraq over the past five years (as at 23rd March, 2008): 4,000

Percentage of new mothers in Australia who suffer from post-natal depression: 10 per cent

Source: Study from the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newscastle (as quoted in the Herald Sun on 19th March, 2008).

Estimated number of hours women and children spend collecting water in Africa annually: 40 billion

Source: ActionAid report 'Hit or Miss - Women’s Rights and the Millennium Development Goals'

Wealth of US investor Warren Buffett, the world's richest man: $US62 billion

Source: Forbes

Proportion of people in the US currently behind bars: More than 1 in 100 (more than 2.3 million)

Source: Pew Center

Percentage of the world's oceans which have been "heavily affected" by human activity: 41 per cent

Source: Science magazine

Number of people in need of humanitarian aid in Somalia as at 13th February, 2008, thanks to intensified fighting in recent months: 2 million

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Estimated world's meat supply in 1961 and 2007: 71 million tonnes and 284 million tonnes

Percentage Australian share market dropped on 22nd January, 2008, its biggest drop in 20 years: 7.1 per cent

Number of Scriptures given to Christians by the Bible League during 2007: 17,713,004

Source: Bible League Australia

Number of Iraqi children facing poor nutrition, disease and interrupted education: Two million

Source: UNICEF

Amount a middle income, two parent, family in Australia will spend raising two children from birth to the age of 21: About $537,000

Source: NATSEM

Number of homeless people in Australia: 100,000

Source: Australia's Welfare 2007

Number of people worldwide who do not have access to proper toilet facilities: 2.6 billion

Source: World Toilet Organisation

Revised estimate of people living with HIV globally in 2007 (down from last year's estimate of 39.5 million): 33.2 million


Estimated number of former and current employees of Google who have more than $US5 million of the company's stock: 1,000


Median house price in Sydney, June quarter 2007: $525,500

Source: Real Estate Institute of Australia

Number of internally displaced people in Somalia as of 31st October, 2007: 800,000

Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Number of Australians living below the poverty line: 2.2 million

Source: Australia Fair report

Percentage of the 536,000 women who died of maternal causes in 2005 who live in developing countries: 99 per cent

Source: UNICEF

Number of Iraqi people displaced from their homes: 4.2 million

Source: Amnesty International

Year by which scientists predict the Arctic Circle will be "virtually free" of ice: 2070

Source: AP, 15th September, 2007

Number of working days lost each year in Australia due to depression: More than 6 million

Source: Beyond Blue (as quoted in The Age on 8th September, 2007)

Estimated amount of damage caused in a week of devastating wild fires in Greece: $US1.6 billion

Source: Los Angeles Times

Number of internally displaced Iraqis: 1.1 million

Source: Iraqi Red Crescent Organisation

Number of babes estimated to be born into Australia's most disadvantaged communities annually: 37,000

Source: Brotherhood of St Lawrence

Number of people affected by the South Asian monsoonal floods this year: 30 million

Source: UNICEF

Australian household debt in May, 2007: $1 trillion

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Estimated number of Kalashnikov rifles produced since its invention 60 years ago: More than 100 million

Source: AP

Population of Australia, as at 9.32pm (and 58 seconds) on 29th June, 2007: 21 million

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of Australians who say they are Christian: 12.7 million

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006 Census

Maximum height of the tsunami which hit Java in Indonesia last July: 21 metres

Source: International Tsunami Survey Team

Number of street children in Kabul, Afghanistan: 50,000 to 60,000

Source: UNICEF (as reported by AFP)

Difference in life expectancy between an indigenous child and a non-indigenous child in Australia: 17 years

Source: Australian Medical Association

India's slum-dwelling population in 2001:61.8 million

Source: Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation Minister Kumari Selja (as quoted in The Times newspaper, London)

Number of people who added to the world's urban population each year: More than 60 million

Source: Worldwatch Institute

Number of children who die each year from easily preventable or treatable causes: 10.1 million

Source: Save the Children

Estimated number of casualties as a result of Sri Lanka's ongoing civil war: 65,000

Source: Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre

Percentage of Australia's gross value for agricultural production accounted for by Murray-Darling basin producers and now under drought threat: 40 per cent

Source: Murray-Darling Basin Commission

Estimated world population in 2050: 9.2 billion

Source: UN population Division

Estimated amount lost to the "Australian community" as a result of identit\y theft: More than $1 billion

Source: Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce and Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Number of people in the world aged 15 years and over classified as being overweight in 2005: 1.6 billion

Source: World Health Organisation

Number of homicides in Australia in 2004-05: 267

Source: Australian Institute of Criminology

Number of species of bacteria found living on human skin: 182

Source: Microbiologist Dr Martin Blaser, of New York University School of Medicine, in research published in the online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Amount of wine consumed by Australians during the past year: More than 430 million litres

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of bits of debris larger than 10cm in orbit around the earth: About 11,000

Source: NASA Orbital Debris Program Office

Number of hectares claimed by bushfires in Victoria up until mid-January, 2007: More than 1 million


Number of prisoners in Australian prisons as at 30th June, 2006: 25,790

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of US military personnel killed in Iraq since the invasion began in March 2003 (as at late December, 2006): 3,000

Source: CNN

Number of telemarketing calls received in Australia each year: Up to 1.5 billion, equating to 75 calls for every person in the country

Source: Herald Sun newspaper (11th December, 2006)

Number of children who die within 28 days of birth in sub-Saharan Africa every year: At least 1.16 million

Source: 'Opportunities For Africa’s Newborns', Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (released 22nd November 2006)

Global number of websites: 100,000,000

Source: Internet monitoring company Netcraft (November 2006)

Number of corruption cases discovered by police in Russia during the first eight months of the year: 28,000

Source: Quoted by Russia's deputy prosecutor-general Alexander Buksman in an article published in the Guardian newspaper.

Number of "hungry children" around the world: 400 million

Source: Quoted by James Morris, executive director of the World Food Programme, to mark World Food Day on 16th October, 2006

Number of unexploded cluster bomblets in southern Lebanon: Up to 1 million

Source: UN Mine Action Co-odination Centre - South Lebanon

New estimate of the number of people killed in Sudan's Darfur conflict: 170,000 to 255,000

Source: New research by American professors John Hagan and Alberto Palloni as published in Science (as reported in The Age newspaper on 16th September, 2006)

Number of children and youth aged between five and 17 years trapped in hazardous work in 2004: 126 million

Source: International Labour Organisation

Number of Australians drinking at risky or high risk levels: 1 in 8

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 25th August, 2006

Estimated cost of infrastructure damage in Lebanon: $A3.26 billion

Source: From the Los Angeles Times (as quoted in The Age, 14th August, 2006)

Inflation rate in Zimbabwe: 1,200 per cent

Source: (2nd August, 2006)

Number of children in Africa who die every hour from malaria: 120

Source: World Economic Forum report 'Business and Malaria: A neglected threat?'

Number of cannabis users worldwide: 162 million

Source: World Drug Report 2006, UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Number of pirate attacks reported off the coast of Somalia in 2004 and 2005: 2 and 35

Source: International Maritime Bureau's annual report 2005

Number of deaths caused by firearms in Colombia: 1 in 10

Source: United Nations Small Arms Review Conference 2006 - 27th June, 2006

Combined 2005 income of the top 20 people on Forbes magazine's 'Celebrity 100' list: $US2,048 million

Source: - 15th June, 2006

Number of Congolese people dying every day from war-related causes (including illnesses treatable in peacetime): 1,250

Source: The International Rescue Committee (as quoted in Time magazine - 5th June, 2006)

Number of civilians reportedly killed in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion: Between 35,101 and 39,258

Source: Iraq Body Count - (10th May, 2006)

Number of annual leave days owed Australians: 70 million

Source: Tourism Australia (2nd May, 2006)

Number of chocolate easter eggs Australians eat per capita: 20

Source: Based on data from the Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia (as quoted in the Herald Sun newspaper on 11th April, 2006)

Number of West Papuans estimated by human rights groups to have been killed during conflict between the independence movement and Indonesian authorities: 100,000

Source: The Age, 4th April, 2006

Estimate of damage caused by Cyclone Larry in Queensland: $1 billion

Source: Various media reports

Number of billionaires (US dollars) in the world: 793

Source: Forbes magazine

Percentage of Australian males who are either obese or overweight: 65 per cent

Source: National Health Survey, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Number of people believed buried in a landslide in the village of Guinsaugon on the island of Leyte in The Philippines: 1,400
Source: Various news reports, February, 2006

Average CEO salary in Australia in 2005: $3.4 million

Source: Research of Dr John Shields at the University of Sydney (as quoted in the Herald-Sun newspaper)

Number of Mexicans who died trying to cross into the United States last year: 500

Source: Maurico Farah of Mexico's Human Rights Commission as quoted in 'The Guardian' newspaper.

Temperatures recorded in some of the highest villages in earthquake-affected northern Pakistan in early January, 2006: -13 degrees Celcius

Source: UNHCR

Number of people supported by the UN World Food Programme's food aid in 2004: 113 million

Source: UN World Food Programme

Australia's 2005 mean temperature (making it the warmest year on record): 22.89 degrees Celcius

Source: Bureau of Meterology

Number of people killed or injured by landmines and other explosive remnants of war annually: 15,000 to 20,000
Source: United Nations

Number of people who died from AIDS-related illness during the past year: More than 3,000,000

Source: UNAIDS/World Health Organisation.

Number of people using the internet worldwide: 964,289,701


Amount of food thrown away in Australia every year: 3.3 million tonnes

Source: Planet Ark - 'Ten Years of Recycling - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Number of children who die from AIDS every hour: 60

Source: UNICEF

Number of dead in armed conflicts in the world in 2003: 24,000

Source: Human Security Report 2005

Life expectancy at birth in Niger in 2003: 44.4 years

Source: United Nations Development Programme's Human Development Index

Number of cases referred to governments by the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances since 1980: 50,000
Source: Working Group on Enforced on Involuntary Disappearances

Christians as a percentage of the world population in mid 2005: 33.1 per cent

Source: Center for the Study of Global Christianity, January 2005

Estimated number of refugees worldwide: 9.2 million
Source: UNHCR 2004 Global Refugee Trends

Number of people illegally trafficked across international borders each year: 600,000-800,000

Source: US State Department 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report

Estimated number of Sri Lankan children who lost one or more parents during the January tsunami: 4,622

Source: UNICEF, UNHOC (as of March, 2005)

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